Round 2 - Indoor Clumsy QBs & Praying for a Harvest


Those sound like some good strains. Good luck and I’ll be watching :seedling::herb::deciduous_tree:


Im hoping so. Tryna decide who to knock up n who to keep to smoke. A diesel fan hands down. But i know diesels. No idea the trainwreck flavor. Let alone purple train… if i can sneak one male one female afghan then ill have a boatload of seeds. Cuz thatll do for a pure seedbank. N one of the red or purple is getting hit. Then to be honest. This is again practice for the Kili’s and a GG4xWW cross (praying for another boy outta the kilimanjaro’s but if not i wont be pissd…)

Anyway thanks fellas. :beers: to harvests for everyone with the wishes


Wishing you luck on the new season but now your growing with knowledge and experience and with a little help from your friends here your going to have a great grow


Hey dont just count them. Your brain is now available for picking as well. :pray:t5: n pull up a seat


I will be riding along I follow almost everything here because there is so much to learn. And I just enjoy seeing what’s going on. Tomorrow I harvest my second plant (only grew 2) and then the wait for spring. Atleast I can watch others grow


I wanna watch


Pull up a chair n light up that bowl. Plenty of space.


I’m old school if that’s alright


Hahaha. Thats more of my style anyway! Ima raw paper joint and game cigarillo man. Thru and thru. Just around her we have many a fancy. Felt a ‘bowl’ is universal :joy::joy:. Long as ur puff puff passing you’re more then welcome.

@Nell1 thanks for all the love over there. Now get to the current party lol.


Send me information for how to build it


The light? I think you were just there. Do u have parts and what not? We can jump back over n walk thru it


Well i walkd home for lunch n couldnt resist update photos… new growth on all the girls. Love this age. You can really see every centimeter of change. (Well i can but we’ll just say u can too)
Red Diesel Day 8 (:wink::zipper_mouth_face:) -
Think her stretch came from my inadequacy to begin. Will add soil to her pot eventually n rebury when she reaches xplant time. I believe she is sprouting her 4th node. Maybe the third. Ill pay better attention later.

Purple Trainwreck Day 3 -
So far she is my best growing from breeder seed. While AH’s are still stretching their arms open, this girl is soaking up light. Her leaves have doubled in size (ik for hiw tiny at this stage that is not saying much :joy:) grow girl grow!

Afghan Hashes Day 3 -
Well these ladies are bringing up the rear so far. The popped a few hours before the BagSeed but… are lazy i guess. Blue came out of her shell with a half eaten cotyledon… she now has eaten the other half n is down to one. Her arms are finally open and looking like leaves :+1:t5: Red… she has not really done much. The others have stretchd in terms of cms. Red is on millimeter time. The change is soooo minut but she has shown both her leaves posing as fangs… so I’ll reserve judgement for now :wink:

And finally BagSeed Day 3 -
This little sh!t here… now i paid good money for every other seed. N they’ve gon… pretty close (albeit faster already) to how my grows start. (Much better rooting this time since i finally stopped drowning seedlings) But this… showoff… is upstaging my precious genetics by a mile atm. She is almost as wide as the Diesel… n still on her first set of leaves after the cotyledons. This is the growth i see other have and wonder what am i doing incorrectly… little fker…

I just looked at that photo… trainwreck was actually out of the napkin a day before AH and BS. But do u see how inconsiderately huge she is over :steam_locomotive:?

So ive been thinking of playing the name game like everyone else but have no creativity of my own at the moment. Can i possibly borrow some of you alls?

PS a nice creativity inducing sativa shipment would also be appreciated. :joy::wink:


No parts need prices and how to build help also I see these QBs do numbers so I’m down to step out there and try it


Good place to start.

Once you have an idea of how big of a light you would like to build, I can help make sure you get the correct components.

My 1st Grow - Berry Bomb Auto & White Widow Auto

My thoughts exactly. Thank you very much @dbrn32


I’m a lil late but set to watch. Good luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Im on another thread with you on this @dbrn32 If I get a tent now it would be 2x4x5. Kinda OCD. Saw a good one for @$60. What are you thinking for a light project for that size tent man. Thank you. Ill try to keep it to one thread. LOL.


If you want it to be really good, probably $200-$300 or so. You can always build in portions too.

When you find something really cheap you have to be careful of what you’re getting. In most cases it’s not a great value, you’re just paying for less performance.


Update time!!

So we’ll get started with the Afghan Hashes - Day 6

Nothing really to report here. Slowest starters. Nice and tight seedlings. Red is loosing the fangs and opening more. Her leaves are actually longer then Blue’s but curled…

Next the Purple :steam_locomotive: - Day 6

Still looking sexy. She is so far the sexiest seedling ive ever grown. Loving this lady.

Then the BS - aka ShowOff - Day 6

This thing… she was looking a bit lighter then the rest. So when i fed Diesel (second time, first good watering since under lights) i gave a little splash and water. She is officially wider on her unofficial first node the Diesel is on her 4th… growing in that first official now :wink:. She’s gon be a beaut.

And finally the Red Diesel - Day wtf knows but im still going with 12…

Fourth day under the QBs with 2 good feeds and she looks like an ENTIRELY different plant. She was consuming herself from the bottom so badly she ate those ‘unofficial 1st nodes’ before the 3rd real one was there. Horribly yellow. And super stretchd. Now she has ceased cannabalizing, is growing wider and taller in less space, and turning darker with MUCH softer, more lush foliage. Need to repot that stem deeper one day this week but if i do she’s going 5 gallon now.


Dude all of them look great. Lol show off is right on that one… that’s a bag seed right? That one gonna be a monster. I hope it’s a girl.