Round 2 - Indoor Clumsy QBs & Praying for a Harvest


Thanks. You two are like my own personal googles :joy::joy:


Yea I remember the feeling. Like ‘wtf why cant i post?!?! :sob::sob::sob:


Aqueon Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner, 1-Gallon
This is what I got after Miss Beautiful Bush, aka @raustin told me about water conditioner. It will last a looooong time. I use 2.5ml for 5gal water


Back in flush mode…

Ms Black (formerly Mrs Red AH) got her flush startd yesterday. Maybe a gall n a half. Forgot where she ended. But transplanted anyway… so i flush 2 quick galls thru @ 7. End result 6.6. Fed her @7 :1 tspn of calmag (came today YAY with my morbloon emul)
:1 tspn of fish emul (5-1-1)
:0.5 tspn of megacrop

Purp :steam_locomotive: took 3 gallons of 7 to get to 6.5. She has been in a larger pot a week or 2. So fed her the same except 1 full tspn of mega.

Blue AH had her flush yesterday to 6.5. So i fed her a quart of purp :steam_locomotive: feed. She had super runoff anyway. :man_shrugging:t5:

Mrs D ShowOff n Kushy will get the spa day tomaro. Need dechlorinator asap. Rain go bye bye.


Did you check her after feed runoff?


All came out around 6.5-6.6. Except Blue. She was like 6.3. But i flushd her yesterday so retractd more towards her mean im guessing.

Quality pH meter was awesome tho. Took about the same amount of pH up to get around the same levels. And having a consistent reading… bit of sweat work but nothing too elaborate


Ok. Ms D has a good bit going on under her canopy. I stripped the starter leaves the other day… can i snatch all those lower level sucker sites? More clone practice n im pretty sure they not gon be much all said an done.

Waist Line

Under her Skirt

Basically anything lower then waist high


Hey bro are you using an EC meter?


Nope. Im poor :joy::joy::joy:. Will be soon enough :joy::+1:t5:



Growing cannabis is like going to the strip club7uFt


Ummmm thats a big no growing weed is way more expensive than a stripper.
Growing weed is like getting married. You had money a minute ago…


Hahahahaha. Ok its more then strippers. Less then marriage? Agree on AT LEAST that much :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Either way, expect to throw a lot of $ at it. :joy:


Just asking as I use one religiously. I flush until my meter reads 0.2-0.3EC. Sometimes it’s upto 40L. So I guess my question is how do you know when to stop flushing? And how do you regulate the feeding strength?


it seems like that ,then the cost level out once you get established…lol


Until you decide to try a new method. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ahhh. Ive only been minimally feeding. Then water between them. Sometimes twice between feeds. And usually only 1 feed a week. Plus im pretty sure my ec/tds reading would be wonky anyway. Amended my soil with all kinda ish.

I only flushd to get pH in range and because i hadnt yet. And the last couple plants were on point after a gallon. It was just the Afghan Hashes and the :steam_locomotive: who were off.


Plants looking bro, sorry just getting caught up from my 144 notifications. Guess I won’t take a few days off again lol.


Hahahaha. I do it constantly. And have to catch up slowly cuz someone screws up all my likes (thanks btw :joy::joy:)

Hows everything in yo world?


Busy! Still paying price for spending 5 days in vegas, and a lot to catch up on at home as well as here. Otherwise business as usual.