Round 2 - Indoor Clumsy QBs & Praying for a Harvest

Hello Fellow Farmers and Potheads alike. If you’re here you know why… its that time. That glorious time. 2nd ‘official’ grow… after a first that saw around 20 seeds planted. 1 made it to harvest. Another finishing up soon. And a third i thought was a male n banishd to the corner who is actually a lovely lady about a month n a half out. So approximately a 15% success rate…

But i digress! Today is not about the past! Its about progress! And my future… So that said. The setup:
3x1 fish tank is the enclosure. Im basically using a whole room but the tank holds my ladies n keeps them safe :grin:
200 watts of EB Strip (qb stylish- light doctor inspired) DIY build lights. Will add more as flowerind approaches.
PH pen :white_check_mark:
Soil - its a mixture of leftover superish soil i have had baking 3 months now. And some cheap potting soil to start the girls in. I may toss the super and buy some good ole fashion FFOF… got a month or so to decide
Nutes : as organic as possible. Fish emulsion 5-1-1 for veg (with dynagrow all-in-one or whatever every so often) need to buy a bubbler or two.
Strains! Fems: Red Diesel, Trainwreck
Regulars: (2) Afghan Hashes, and another legendary bagseed.

So… with all that being said… lets get this show on the road…

Whoops. Forgot tags… i may just tag the whole site. So bare with me everyone. Any input is appreciated and banter is encouraged. Thanks everyone.

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This round gonna be smooth from start to finish for you!


Thanks man. Keep the good vibes rolling. I feel much better about the potential here. But we will find out together


I’m watching you.:eyes:

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Im watching :eye: you too.

Good luck, and have a great grow!

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Ok. So… i wasted the bagseed day1 and have to clean up my worksite… but heres everyone so far.

Red Diesel maybe an 3 weeks old? But she has been outside in rain storms… under cloudy days… under my horribly inefficient lighting… eaten by a few miners… and starved half to death! But she LIVES!!! Ill just mark today as a week (dont judge me)

Purple Trainwreck around a week from germ. Buuuuut. Since she just startd the qb lights Monday night. I christen the… 2 days of age!

Afghan Hashes - same boat as Trainwreck. All germ’d together. But they had very shy starts. Then the seed shell wouldnt let go… so they have some pretty funky looking cotyledons and starting leaves. But :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5: Smooth sailing vibes. Theyll grow outta it glares at Alfina for passing the ugly genes thru phone

And Finally the Bagseed… no idea what ill call her. But she actually Just Came up. Possibly 3 days old? And the most well developed out the 4 new booties… but for the sake of my sanity (and pot smokers attention span) they will all be counted as on Day 2.


Thanks ladies. Appreciate the vibes as always. And will take all the well wishes i can get

it’s like learning how to ride a bike…once you get going you have fun,with only bumps in the road instead of cliffhangers… i’m confident you will do fine.i look forward to watching.

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Thank you as well kind sir. Headed home n hoping i find some nice growth :wink::wink:

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And here we go! Yeeeeha! I see some nice sticky bud in your future my friend. Watching.

Awesome!!! Sending you best wishes for a stellar grow!!!

Thanks fellas. :beers:

Looks like they all are off to a good start. I’m all out of likes but I can’t let these lovely little sprouts get posted without me saying awe aren’t they cute lol.

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Oooo me me :face_with_monocle: I’m here too. Good luck on your grow. I have 2 seeds that popped their heads out today and ready for their new tent.


Thanks for showing brudda. And plop those ladies inside! I dont think ill ever tent up. But if i do i know where to poll for sizing :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m watching this sir. Can’t wait to see the progress.

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Thank you for tagging me, I will follow along, wishing you the best harvest ever !

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All the love around here… man. I love this site. Thanks again for showing my peeps. If i forgot someone dont worry. Ill be on ur threads later and go on a retagging spree later :wink:


Thanks for tag, will be on watching too. Best of luck!

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