Round 2 hopefully a quick one haha

Wanted to do a quick grow …last time It took me 19 weeks from seed to harvest so I went with autos this time 3 alaskan purple and 3 purple haze … idnt want to do an indoor grow ever again because of the money I put into it and the time… but correct me if I’m wrong but from what I read I should be done with these autos in 8to 10 weeks ??? I hope lol. I’ve already invested into all the indoor grow so I figured this time around it won’t cost me much money at all

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Sorry to have to correct you. The eight to ten weeks is flower time. I have not grown all that many autos (just at the start) the shortest was 88 days. All the others - WW, Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze and Blueberry were 100 days minimum, JH took 136. Typical veg time for autos is 30 - 40 days

@beardless really…man that sucks I never would have done it otherwise. I thought the 65-80 days was. From seed to harvest

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I think the fastest turn over is with clones using SOG. I just looked at some of ILGM’s auto seeds. It appears that ILGM changed the descriptions and now includes grow time. In this case it would mean seed to harvest. Most give the grow time to be 10 - 14 weeks.

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My first run with autos I harvested them in 90 days with 25%amber tricks. But like beardless is saying autos have a mind of there own kind of and some take longer than others and some can be super fast. But if you want potent quality nugs best wait for the plant to do there thing n mature :wink:

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Yeh have to agree with above, newbie my self just completed first grow month or 2 ago, and company’s say 8-9 weeks but they mean flower, so for me I was like 30-45 days of growth, then started pre-flower, I did GSCX from ILGMA 2 took about 12 weeks, another 1 was closer to 14-15 weeks, but its ok, sh** happens enjoy the process and have fun with it. For me its a hobby and growing is very fun for me, I have health issues and can not smoke anymore, so enjoy it

Yeah autos might save you a couple weeks but not really a big difference like they make it seem.

I grew Gorilla Glue, girl scout cookie extreme, and Bruce Banner last run and I choped some at about 11weeks with very little amber the others at 17 with a good bit of amber just to give an idea…
Autos can be unpredictable for sure.