Round 2! Coco grow!

Week 1 of veg, trying coco for the first time ! Off to a slow start vs the one in ffof to the left


nice, I am also a coco grower. I prefer it to soil mediums. what strains are you growing there? what nutes are you planning on using? tell us about your set up and everything. I am set to follow

Hey @Axemanjake23 welcome. I have some Girl scout cookie extreme going. In the picture I posted, the right plant is in the coco mix and I am using the general hydroponics floral trio w/ cal mag plus. ( there is a YouTube video I saw, and I am replicating it pretty closely for this first grow).

I have the seedling in my closet right now under a quantum 135 w board. I am close to harvet with my crop in the basement at which point I will be moving down there under a 600 watt HID.

I’m excited to see the difference between soil and coco. I’m noticing the seedling is off to a bit of a slow start in the coco. Well see how it goes !

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I started a coco grow of 2 white widows about 2 weeks ago. Would u like me to tag you to it. I am very detailed in my journals. I also have a GSC auto soil vs. Coco grow journal. I got 3 zips from the soil and 7 zips off the coco grow . Now I think it is hard to tell with just 2 plants. They are like siblings, some can be tall and lanky others are short and fat. To do a grow from clones would be the way to go. Also more than 2 plants. Coco is so easy to diagnose a problem ,cuz you get run off daily. Alot of times you can catch a root zone ph drop before it becomes a problem, not after 5 days of waiting for the soil to dry. But, watering daily also sucks for time away from you plant, vacations. And it needs so much more cal-mag. Oh god does it. Your set up sounds nice, good luck!!!

Yeah please do tag me! I can use all the info I can get !!

I tagged you on my latest grow. That pic is near the end. The small one is FFOF and the monster is coco. Both seeds are GSC auto.

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Very nice! That coco is a monster !

What are you using for nutrients?

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wow. why did the coco one get so much bigger? was the only difference the coco vs the ffof?

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I am not sure. I have heard plants get larger in coco. It is kinda hard to base that off one grow. They were both from seed not clone so genetics are not identical as they would be in clones coming from the same mother. I used the same nutes, same tent and same light.

Hey @Axemanjake23, quick question. I was watering my coco plant today for the first time in maybe a week. I noticed some fuzz looking stuff on the top soil. Its warm and dry in the grow area, is this common with a coco medium ?

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Yeah the coco can sometimes look fuzzy. Or something else fuzzy could of made its way in there. I find lint on my plants or medium sometimes from my clothing. A pic would help.

It is not a good Idea to let coco dry all the way out like soil. Keep it moist. I water about every 2 to 3 days when they are seedling or very young. And every day sometimes 2 times a day when they are well established. Coco is a soiles medium and is actually closer to hydro then soil. Like now, my plants are about 21 days old and I water and take two days off and then water. About a cup 8 to 10 ozs. Away from the pant to make roots go looking. Like so. I Hope this helps and feel free to ask away man.

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Okay good deal thank you, appreciate the advice !

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Hey @Axemanjake23 or anyone! Have you any idea what’s going on here ?

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@Eagergrower. Ur photo did not load

Oops, sorry about that

@Axemanjake23 this is the fuzzy stuff I was talking about,

Ur coco looks normal. That is the husk. And that looks like a cal deficiency. In coco, Cal-mag needs to be supplemented more than soil mediums. Not sure ur feeding schedule but I feed sundays and thrusdays. During the not feed days I supplement with cal-mag and just water, at least every other day if not every watering. The pH of ur root zone effects the intake of nutes, and in coco it seems to have a huge effect on the intake of cal. I notice that if my run off drops below 5.8 I get a deficiency very quickly. Even in coco cal is best used from 6.2 to 6.5 pH but is still useable at 5.8pH sweet spot for coco. I hope I was helpful. Hit me up anytime

Hey @Axemanjake23, Am i seeing some signs of deficiencies starting here ?

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She looks okay to me. I see one lil rust spot that could be the start of a cal problem. New growth starts off light green so that is not a problem. How old is that plant? All ur number looking okay still? Ph, ppm wise. As long as ur ph is right, you are giving enough food and not letting the coco dry out she should be fine at this young.

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