Rough estimate of time left for this SLH

Looking for opinions on how long till finish, 20% amber, on this ILGM super lemon haze photo period.

How about an overall shot of the plant in white light. Also; trichome pictures should be of flower calyx and not sugar leaves.


From the bud shown it looks nice. Lots of white pistils tho. Looking good tho. Cpl few more weeks. Getting close. Do u have a loupe for close tic pics??

I crunched the numbers. It’s only halfway through flower at best. At least another month. If the transition into flower was only 7 days. This one was the fastest, others flipped same day are weeks behind it seems. Flipped 43 days ago. 9 week flower. Wonder how big she’ll get.

Not much more than where she is. It will be like all of us. Add a little weight and girth with age.

Yeah I added the net back because pharmerbob said she’d be in the dirt otherwise. First grow. Getting excited. Lol

I used to just throw plants outside, definitely never grew like this. Could only find half of them come fall anyway. Deer and poachers.

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Bought seedlings from an old redneck that lived in an Amish community. Was always miss against fence lines so no one would spot them.