Rotting buds (with strange worms on video)

I have noticed some buds lower in the grow canopy, going rotten, outdoor!
I also have scale pests growing on the stems, think this might be helping the cause.
I used my usb microscope to have a closer look & got a shock at what I saw, see youtube

These worms seem to be crawling through the branches causing the rot, not sure what they are, any ideas readers?

The video doesn’t play. Do you have any photos?

Sorry I need to change the rights, give me a while sorry

Done check them out


Seriously wtf are those … and they are definitely moving on their own? It’s not wind making move like that?


Strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Almost moving like an inch worm but a lot smaller. :thinking:
@Drinkslinger. Is a bug guy I think.
@Mrcrabs def is.

I’m guessing some sort of nematode .

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Some tiny caterpillar…?.
Ive seen bigger ones move like that on the mullberry tree outside my house.

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No idea. Sorry

:astonished: watching.

It looks like fungus gnat larvae to me.

Still no answers?
Now, don’t want to scare you all but now pod aliens, Australia can be dangerous what with the fires, but now with the wet :shushing_face:

:face_vomiting: that’s sad and sickening.

That really sucks. I k ow what I would do with that plant and or plants. I’d pull them and do a serious cleaning.

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Crazy stuff
I would contact Arbico Organics and discuss and provide them a link to the video etc and I’m pretty sure someone there will have some ideas.
I wouldn’t delay reaching out to them cause that sht is a killer


Plenty of good bud up top but have around a kilo of premature bud (popcorn) with rot but not mold, thinking of making solvent based oil, may separate the rot from the trichomes

Done, sent question & link to this page

I’m with @MrPeat on this one. Pull them incase they spread further and do the full deep clean routine. I hate pesticides though so not sure other than pull them and start again in a fresh area :sleepy: . Best of luck on this one

Pruned the rot out, just bush bud left

202002 Pruned|500x500


Actually looks really good. Any feedback on what those critters were