Rotatable Scrog, sort of

So here I am, 76 days from sprout. A single plant in a 32x32" x 70" tent. INTENSE LED radiation, 900-1000umol/m2/S, custom hydroponic White Widow Auto. Maybe 4 weeks to go? This is a 5gal Homies pail in a pail with tie-downs on the top pail periphery. It rotates in the bottom pail. I can rotate this freely so peripheral terminal buds get light too.

@Zap, with out seeing a pict it’s imposible to tell. sorry.

Pics my man… :wink:

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Dont know why they didnt post last night-will figure out tonight!

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Yeah so you can see in the second photo, there are tiny cup hooks screwed into the top lip of the upper pail. String through them holds down the main stem and branches formed. Held those down too and end up with 20 or more terminal buds. Three times I completely re-strung it (not easy to remove, but it was worth it). I periodically tighten the strings which now go through the branches that are close to the edge of the pail, pulling them outward away from the center. I also reach into the center and pull out any drying leaves to get some air in there. In fact, I added a small 12V "biscuit blower pointed down to keep the air moving near the stem, because the growth was very dense down there.

The main stem is over 3/4" diameter and the tallest colas are currently about 19" above the stacked pails. The bottom pail has a drain to the water barrel and the top pail has a zillion holes drilled in it, and is filled with Hydroton, and water dribbles into it from a pump in the barrel.

Here’s the roots from the top pail into the bottom one a couple weeks ago. What you don’t see is there are 2 layers of Hydroton about 2 " thick separated with cheesecloth above those root holes inside the pail. The idea was to form a really dense mat of roots inside the pail and hopefully keep all these roots from coming through and clogging the bottom pail drain. You can see how well THAT worked !


Harvested today after many flushes and 24Hrs darkness.

I am really satisfied for the first grow. Need better flower nutes next time but got more WW Auto than I can use in a long time :grin: