Rosineer - any good?


Yeah I figured that would mess a coil up quick. Well hopefully by this time next week I’m sending a pic off my new gear and my red eyes. Lmao!!!


It won’t work on the pen they have no trouble selling these but if you do hats off DankStop has discount codes


Lol. Honestly I’m not the type of guy to haggle much cuz usually you don’t get to far. Lol. I’ll check it out but I’m just gonna get that pen either way cuz it obviously works well. Way better than Christmas. Lol


Lmao. Ok next question how do I make the pucks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@timmyv324 thats great :+1:
I use a pollen press to make pucks and
I also made a press that i use my body wieght on
Ill need to post a picture
@MattyBear best pen ever brother youll love it worth the initial investment for sure
And i also have two


Yeah I started looking into the pucks and seen there lots of things out to make them. This is gonna b one if those got have this and that adventures. Lol


@garrigan65 you might be interested i taking a quick look at this thread also @BrayneGro @Hogmaster and myself all use one of these and I believe @Dumme is still using one he did a review on them on utube if i can find the link ill drop it here
Found it woohoo
@Mudcrab01 heres ine of the threads i was talking about there’s another one also im looking for @Johnzy81 your officially tagged


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


Anytime buddy if you have your own thread tag me in @Mudcrab01