Rosineer - any good?


I’m currently on the trail of a press now. I found out a friend of a friend want to get rid of one. I’ll see if he pulls through cross your fingers for me. Can you use the rosin in edibles to?? Maybe that’s a dumb question


Absolutely you can use the rosin for edibles. I was talking about this last week on podcast actually. Gives you an accurate way to dose out your edibles since you know exactly what is going into it.


@BrayneGro where I go to listen to the podcast I wouldn’t mind checking that out . Thank bud


Go to Utube seach potent ponics
Its a great show
Bryangrow answerwd your question tho
@BrayneGro so fyi the mv1&pv1 are discontinued the mv2and pv2 replaces them
Pneumatic presses are not as powerful as hydrolic presses
There is a mechanical increase in ram pressure when using either so starting with 120 psi i have around 6-800 psi ram pressure at the plates with the pv1
The new pv2 has a bit more pressure than that i want to say its around 1200 psi off the top of my head
I think a hydraulic press you have a bit more pressure control but for sure the pneumatic is a good option since hydraulic will cost double if not more
Can wait fir you to press some sticky buds
Your going to blown away by the return my friend


Hahahaha. Me either. Seems like my friend of a friend is lame !!! He still hasent checked this out for me. I’m thinking I’ll just bite the bullet and go new. If it will pay fir itself it’s worth it to me. Now I just have to convince the financial department. Lol. I’m gonna check that podcast out thanks fir that info too


Hey if you go to Rosineer web site you can buy direct from them fyi @timmyv324
Might even be worth contacting them through support link and ask if they can make a better deal
I contacted them when i was thinking about upgrading to newer model and they offered me up to a 250$ discount if i was to buy a new one
Unfortunately something came up and I couldn’t proceed
Not saying they will give you that deal but worth a email anyway
Mention you have a few friends that own thier product and we recommended you ? Blah blah blah wven if they gave you a 10% off deal it would be worth it


My press just arrived, yay!

<waits “patiently” for something to put in it>


@Countryboyjvd1971 schweeet. I will definetly try that. That’s a good deal either way. I’ll get back to you and see what the outcome is.


Hmm, well less good is that when it arrived the top plate controller didn’t work. I had to take the back off and push the connector back on to the controller. There’s nothing to hold it on and it must have shaken loose during shipping. All fixed now


Well I didn’t get a $250 discount but I did get a 20% off discount on the rnr-mvr2 . I did what you said and haggled with them plus free shipping and a dab kit. I’m stoked . I never done this so expect more questions once it arrives. How do I make the pucks now!??? Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


You will love the dab kit


Wow that is sweet. I’m new to this so don’t laugh at all my questions when they come trough. Lol I need to get a rig to even smoke it.


Look up (the kind pen) dream life time warranty well worth the money


That was gonna b a future question. I will b checking that out ASAP. The pens style looks like the way I would wanna go. I’m to mobile to have big rigs and stuff



I was just on their site looking at the Dream model! Lol. If you and @Countryboyjvd1971 say it’s a good one, then that’s the one I’ll get, once that time comes


I was just checking them out. So you just put the rosin on the Coil??? Or is it like a bowl above the coils. I do vape. I have several mods so I’m somewhat familiar with the pens


I have 4 figured if 1 was great then 4 would be outstanding lol keep two rolling at all times


Yes you put it in the bowl or coil you get both but you get a lot out of it using the bowl ( ceramic disc )


I’d say that’s the one you like!!! Maybe I’ll email them and harass them for s discount like I did rosineer. That worked out great for me. Thank to @Countryboyjvd1971 for telling me that. Well here goes another hundy!!!