Rosineer - any good?


I do love concentrates, I was planning to make Hash with my trim & popcorn buds but Rosin is what I really crave

I know @Hogmaster has a Rosineer press and I would love to know what he thinks, is the RNR-MV2 manual press worth the money (approx $400). What does the hive mind think?


Contact them directly and bob will give you a discount code @BrayneGro has a new MV-2 I have 2 of the MV1 and love it @Countryboyjvd1971 has the Pneumatic I believe is Pv1 and he gets a lot of use out of it :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


@Hogmaster is 100% correct i love my pv1 model
Im actually thinking about buying a second press also the pv2 which has a higher working pressure I believe it 4000psi which is much higher than the 1000 psi the pv1 works at
Supply pressure is still 120 max ao no need to upgrade the air compressor @DVM
And as hogmaster mentioned contacting them directly through their web site is a good idea :bulb:
And questions just tag one of us we bith can help you get dialed in
Hogmaster and i have spent hours working out the numbers and temperatures together over the past months
I’ll Also add this i have almost completely stopped smoking flower i will still occasionally but 95% of the time it’s rosin time hahahahahha
Happy trails all :v:️CB


i’m about to get to a point to where i can start trying to press some buds! lol
ilike the idea of being able to make into vape oils…
how do you take yours in john? bong/pipe?


I have a electronic wax pen @BIGE
The dream pen from the Kind pen

It came with a lifetime warranty as well so if any parts need to be replaced coils etc small shipping fee is all it takes
This one has a dish style heater for wax which gives you a smooth hit
Load that dish and draw lol
They also have dual coil heaters but they burn to hot for me
@Hogmaster also uses one :point_up:
I also have glass dab rig lol


Heres a few shots from my previous presses


This is from the mv2. Im pretty happy with it.


@BrayneGro @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

Thanks guys for the responses guys!

How much herb are you pressing at a time and how much rosin do yet (typically) get? I know the yield depends on the strain but do you think you are getting 90% of the maximum or 50% or?

Are you using top drawer bud or popcorn buds and trim? Do you still go through the dry/cure process or just try to get it as dry as possible?


What up BrayneGro! Have you tried pressing kief yet?


So this is the first time ive actually done weight because i could tell, visually, that the yields were pretty good. So i started with 2 grams on this press. I used the smart crusher to pack it into a puck of sorts then I only did 2 presses to get me 15%. A 3rd press could probably get me to 20% but I almost always break the paper on the 3rd press. This was from some bud I actually got off a buddy.


Yo whats up man. I have not had the chance to press kief yet. I need to get me some screen pouches for pressing. Hog linked me to some but I’m going to wait til i have a bit more funds.


@BrayneGro when you press kief low temps are better i run around 130 for kief with mine
What temps you running with flower pucks ?


Wow youre running at 130 for kief as low? Man I’m pressing flower at 115 for about 30 seconds per press.


I press fresh flower at 110 comes out nice hang dry 4-5 days
Try bumping up temps a bit
@Hogmaster presses his at 150 i think flower anyway
Yoir return looks yummy @BrayneGro


Anyone else able to share approx yields of Rosin? I’d be interested to hear how much weed you press at a time and what temperatures

Thanks folks!


I can i press on average about 1-1/2 to 2 gram pucks at a time and will get anywhere from 1-1/2 -2 on average
grams of rosin to a quarter ounce of flower
3 if it presses really well
It also depends in quality of the starting product
But a gram of rosin will last me 2-3 days smoking all day long
I believe @Hogmaster is in same yield range as well
@timmyv324 heres a rosin thread if interested


More fun with rosin last night. Just cuz


How are you getting it to collect all in center like that
You reheating after you collect it off parchment paper @BrayneGro


Yeah man!! Countryboy im reading all this now. Thanks brother. So your taking your bud and using a press to get your rosin. On what looks like wax paper or parchment paper. I imagine you can do the same with your trim and popcorns.


Can someone post a pic of the press and how do you get the pucks. Is that what the screw presses are for. I thought it was for bubble hash.