Rosin pressin. is this title long enough FFS?!

I used a Source Turbo to separate the oil from the alcohol. Most of the work is done at the front-end of the process:

Freeze flower and 190 proof GNS (Everclear) in separate Mason Jars. Once as cold as the freezer will take you, place in an ice chest with 10 lbs of dry ice for 4 hours. Then, mix the two together (wear gloves!) and shake vigorously for 3 minutes, let stand for an additional 2 or 3 minutes then strain alcohol off of plant material then filter. I used a #4 Cone filter, filtered twice. Then into the Source to extract/recover the alcohol. The picture is what came out of the crucible. IIRC it was 5 or so grams.

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Thanks guys that explains it perfectly for me.

That source turbo is nifty. I can see how that will pay for itself in recovered alcohol. Do you still need to purge the resulting concentrate?

@Donkey I noticed the vac chamber you use does not appear to have heat the way the Source Turbo or a Vac oven does. Is that not important because you can get the pressure as low as you want to with that chamber as to not need heat? Are you reclaiming your alcohol in some manner or do you just let it evaporate?

Depends on what you intend to do with it. I leave it out for the last vapors of alcohol to dissipate then run it in a banger. Some users add a vacuum pump and chamber with a heat mat to spread out the oil and turn into shatter or crumble.

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Heat also speeds the process. I’m ok with it taking a little longer. If I leave it 7 days under full -29 vacuum, refreshing the air once a day. It comes out like glass. Which you can make into carts, but you need more terpenes or you have to decarb the distillate so the thca doesn’t reform its structure making the oil too thick again. But smoking decarbed distillate is an acquired taste. Like @Myfriendis410 said. You can leave it out to finish too.

I reclaim my alcohol. It can get expensive if you don’t. Here is my set up. Not pretty right now but with a new rheostat I just wanted to test it. The still sits on the stainless counter with a food grade silicone tube down into my sink that I put the reclaim bottle into.

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I’m Looking to fill vape carts. From what I’m reading it seems like if it’s for personal use and the extraction is using GNS I can go as low tech as QWET and just letting it evaporate in a glass dish open air, scape up the goodies, thin with terps and start filling carts.

Obviously some device like a Supra Turbo or whatever it’s called that allows me to reclaim the alcohol will save me $$$ in the not-so-long run and I’m sure that boiling off the alcohol at a slightly elevated temp under vacuum produces a nicer product because it’s less exposed to oxidation than just letting a fan blow on a dish sitting on a heating mat.

The vacuum purge of the final product seems like something that takes the concentrate to a level of purity equivalent to a commercial product. Does that sound right? Like if you have too much solvent in a concentrate it won’t pass testing to be sold commercially so you need to vac purge it.
@Donkey I imagine the reason you vacuum purge is because you prefer the product you get when you do it that way. What is it that is better about the final product that gets you to take the extra step?

My impression is vaping small amounts of alcohol - as long as it’s food grade - is not a big deal. Is that incorrect?

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@donkey I want to like your post more than once!! I never knew there was such a thing as a countertop distiller!! Oh dear that could lead to me making moonshine :nerd_face:

I think I’m getting it… seems to me that little distiller can serve a dual purpose as well - if you can’t get everclear in a pinch you could turn a handle of vodka into a fifth of Neutral spirit.

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Ok I’ll bite - what’s the rheostat for?

You will know it if you vape any alcohol: very irritating to the lungs.

You have to be careful about this as 190 proof alcohol is very hydrophilic and will extract water out of the air, leaving a milky film of water in your extraction: not good. But you could just buy an inexpensive pump/vacuum chamber (alcohol safe) and evaporate it out: cheaper than a Source Turbo.


So really it’s like $450 worth of gear vs $600 for a Source.

Do you vacuum purge the end product from the source turbo?

I’m still giddy with the idea of a countertop distiller just as much for extracts as for making hooch :grin:

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That’s why I got the distiller. I could make alcohol for cleaning pipes and bongs, and to make my own alcohol to do extractions. Plus you can distill water too which is handy. What @Myfriendis410 said about inhaling vaporized alcohol I can attest to. I used to add a little candy flavoring to my vapes a long time ago, the base of the flavoring is alcohol. My carts I made with pg/vg in the very beginning tore my throat and lungs up. That was a short lived experience.

I plug the heater portion of the distiller into the rheostat and the fan/condenser straight to the wall. This allows me to turn the temp of the heating element down while letting me keep the cooling portion at full speed. The still runs about 175-190, way too high for cannabis. This first test I can get the solution to 130-140F which is still high. That 95-105 range is where you want it. It’s hard to get the temp dialed in because opening a still with vaporized alcohol is a good way to blow yourself up. :joy:

I feel safer about it. My new solvent is 95% food grade alcohol, but to buy it online and not get taxed to oblivion they added heptane. That makes it undrinkable. I also make medication for for a family member with Parkinson’s and I want to make sure that my stuff is as clean as possible.

Erg… I’m good with electronics but always loathe to drop a couple hundo on something that I pull out of the box and start modifying. That said, modifying the heating coil power with a rheostat is not too bad. I know how the boss views this kind of thing though and for her that’s gonna be a big point in favor of the Source

TBH the whole reason I started pressing rosin was with the intention of making carts but kind of took a big detour along the way :laughing: Now knowing the carts I’d make from my rosin would be no more than about 65% THC content makes me wonder if I’ll just be making weak ass cartridges if I take rosin and add the appropriate mix ins vs making them from QWET extract.

@Donkey clearly you prefer your carts filled with QWET extract over Rosin - is that mostly down to potency?

Potency, flavor, and it doesn’t clog up the coil.

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