Rosin pressin. is this title long enough FFS?!

Beautiful color. Are you pressing flower or keif ?

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@Deez Flower.

Nice. How long are you pressing for?

I’ve been trying two things lately - one is pressing at 190 for 2 mins and I get something a bit darker but of similar texture to what you got there. The other is pressing at 165 for 5 mins and getting cake frosting.

I’ve been meaning to do several runs and make a big old silly putty eggs worth… this Peak Pro is awesome and i should make an effort to smoke less and dab more…I’ve nearly run through all my sweet leaf and larfy buds from this summer already, gonna have to press more buds! I actually tried pressing just a bud with no bag recently. Got some really nice light blonde rosin

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@Donkey that’s a great dab rig btw. I really dig that stem with the bowl on it dunno what you call that mofo lol. I assume that’s so you can load up a dab in the crucible and then jam that fucker on top if you want to burn some flower with it?

I need to stick with electronic shit - I’ll burn my house down or give myself a third degree burn with hot glass and a butane torch

Here’s my new rig. Puff Peak Pro. It’s like a bong and a wax pen fucked and this is the product of baby fucking. The LED lights can change colors and you can dial the temperature to whatever you want. So far I really like it.

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2 minutes. My wax paper starts to break down at 3.

@Deez yeah I took a silicone down stem and attached it to the carb so I can smoke a bowl and dab at the same time. Stupid fun though.