Rosin, my next adventure!

Now that I have a couple grows and taught myself (with the help of ILGM) how to do it, I’m in no way saying I’ve mastered it or I’m a pro, BUT I’d like to take these buds I now have and learn how to make rosin, extracts, concentrates, and edibles, and need to learn how to extract, I’ve been looking up a rosin press for under $200 and found this, and would like some input on it, any experience with it, any insight on how to use like temps, pressure, ANYTHING, any other presses that fit my price range that may be recommended, please guys, you’ve helped me thus far!! :grin::grin:


Ill chime in here as i press ALOT…for your price range i would highly recommend looking at the Rosineer Presso…amazing machine and produces great reaults used correctly

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Interesting press. Not bad for the price.

If you spend a little more you can get a Dabpress 4 ton starter model. I have one and it does just fine for personal stash. Or Dabpress sells the plates and controller as a kit and you can stick it in any press you like - get a cheap one from Harbor Freight or Canadian Tire if that’s your thing.

@Deez The Rosineer does perfect for my needs and stealthy​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Stealthy :rofl: Must be great for when you have to press a gram of rosin in a pinch in an airport car park :joy: :+1:

You know it bro…i haven’t quite went mobile with it but i wanted something that was easy to stash away but still produced quickly when needed! My old place, i jus set it on the countertop and everyone thought it was a coffee press​:joy::joy::joy:now, i have my nephews here off-on so i cant leave it out!!!

Not gonna lie, my 4 ton is just a baby compared to what some of these guys use and it’s still a bitch to drag out after the kids go to bed. That’s why I try and process about two weeks worth at a go.