Roots thru the grow pot!

Hey folks
My silver haze has out grown the 5 gallon pot ! Should I risk transplanting or put the 5 gallon in a 10 and fill with soil?
Please help

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Seeing roots thru the fabric pots is normal and doesn’t mean the plant has out grown it. Its how the pot keeps the plant from getting root bound. Roots start thru but dry up and side shoots develop.
If you really think you need a bigger pot you can simply set the current one in a bigger one. The roots will grow thru and fill the next pot too.


Agree with @Spiney_norman put that pot in the bigger pot will also lessen transplant shock


Nothing wrong with that. It is by design they will wick away eventually and not hurt the plant at all.


Thanks to all
I can sleep at nite again

I would get a ten gallon fabric pot fill with soil and place ur five gallon fabric pot inside the ten gallon pot let ur roots grow into the ten gallon pot