Roots sticking out of fabric pot

Is it normal for the roots to stick out just a little bit of a fabric pot??

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What angle is that picture from?

It’s looking down on the side was trying to get a pic of where it had the fish bone pattern and seen those little bugs crawling around on video it looked like they have legs

I have never had roots come through unless the bags are outside sitting in the ground. @Lacewing is the bug expert. I have only dealt with aphids and spider mites.

Can you see them with your naked eye or are you zooming in?

See the little tips of the root

Can see them with the naked eye which is why I grabbed the phone🤣

This is what had me bring out the camera

Going to ask a few question so please be patient. I’ve dealt with pests and extra moisture - just trying to help.

Are you in a tent? If so what is the humidity?
Are your fabric pots raised off the floor?
Do you have ventilation and/or a fan circulating air?
Do you have other houseplants in your home?
Where did your plant come from? A clone from a friend or grown from seed?
How often do you water and how much?
Do you add microbes when feeding?
What type of medium are you growing in?
Can you add a picture of the plant?

You have had ur pot sitting in its run off thats the only reason that would happen you need to put riser under ur pot to keep it out of water theres one thing i know of thats getting a ten gallon fabric pot fill with soil and place ur pot with the roots coming out of it on top of the soil in the ten gallon fabric pot


I will always try to be patient sorry if I seem impatient. Yes I am in a tent r.h is between 40-55% in fabric pots in drain pans not off of floor but completely drain all runoff never let them sit in it 6 inch exhaust filter and a way to big fan lol circulating air in tent no other plants indoors grown from seed water 2 liters every morning did added voodoo juice from advanced nutrients medium is a mix of pro mix peat moss perlite and my tent is kinda full so


I always drain all the runoff out of the pans this side was pushed up against the pan not getting any light was checking the under carriage out and spun the pot around

Aha ok thats different then

I’ve have looked at some of your grows and information which is how my very first grow is turning out like this all the journals and tips I’ve seen given to other people by this wonderful community have helped me greatly


@Smokey731 You are not impatient at all. I just like to have the information first before jumping in with a comment that could lead you in the wrong direction. The first picture looked like the bottom rim of the of the fabric pot. I also thought I was seeing a green algae growth but it could be the green thread or lighting.

Humidity, drainage, exhaust, and air circulation are in line.

Now we get down to pests. My bane of indoor grows.

Have you seen any lower leaves with white spots? Any lower leaves dying? If you turn a leaf over do you find small white eggs?

@Aussie_autos Do you just want to take over?

What u going on about @JaneQP i just told @Smokey731 what i see and how i would go about fixing it

So far I don’t see any eggs on leaves only yellow leaves I’ve had are in the middle lower portion and that’s been maybe 7-8 in the last two weeks

No green thread or any green light it does look green how would I go about killing that?


I would recommend getting them lifted from the pans so the bottom of the pots are not constantly moist. More air and light should air prune the roots and dry up the green algea. I have mine sitting on cookie racks and I think @Tylersays uses a 2x4 shelving rack.

Spider mites and aphids like the moist conditions.

Most here use a product call Captain Jack’s Dead Big for mites. I would recommend buying the concentrate and making it as you need it. The ready to mix product goes fast - especially with your tent full of gorgeous ladies. Follow the directions. It will not hurt plants in flower. You can use the search function because there are other methods/products available.

In case you are facing an aphid infestation I suggest investing in some yellow sticky traps for catching adults and mosquito bits to make “bit juice”. Two ~ TBSPs of bits to a gallon of warm water and apply every three days. It kills the larvae but not the eggs or adults. @MeEasy gave me this information.

Best to you!


Thank you very much @JaneQP

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