Roots starting to poke out the bottom drain holes

Hi guys. I have my 4 plants in 7 gallon pots with drain holes at the bottom. I noticed today that there are some roots starting to poke out the bottom. My plants are about 3 feet tall. Should I transplant them into 10gal buckets? I just started the flower 12/12 light cycle a week ago. I dont to stress my plants. What do you all suggest.

ur in flower and transplant will shock them, id just let them flower. soon their roots will slow way down anyway

Suggest you transplant ASAP. Do so very gently, and the transplant shock will be minimal.
Your plant is root bound and seeking new soil. Yes, trans asap and get a friend or two to help. That’s a lot of dirt moving and has to be gentle handling of the tender plant.

Betcha, gonna see a major growth spurt. SOOOOOO, keep an eye on the vertical height if you are growing indoors. Plants can double.

Let me back up a bit…how old are the plants? Indoor or out?

Indoor plants. Almost 2 months old

Let them ride… they will be just fine… air pruning is what’s it’s called…:wink:


Here are some pics

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socks with sandals. love it. i do that too and my daughter and wife just laugh at me

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Lol im in the house and im cold lol!

But how do you think they look? The plants lol

they look fine
just ride it out

No i was planning on it they finally dried out

They look Good. U shouldnt meed to transplant out of a 7 gallon. No more then a ft or two tall.

Are you sure your not overwatering… ?


@peachfuzz I haven’t watered in a week. But i dont have a grow tent so its a little cooler downstairs even though i made sure they dont get too cold my set up isnt far from my heating system. I put a fan on near them to dry out and put holes in the side. This way i dont get root rot. They seem to be doing good so far. Im gonna go tomorrow before work and check oit tje tents and ventilation systems at project grow near my house

Honestly i didnt think i would be this successful lol. But its a learning process and so far i think for my first time im doin alright. Learned a lot so far and you guys all rock

Cold temps makes sense… bring up the temps a lil and they will love you for it… I’m fighting the cold as well my fellow cultivator… :wink:

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