Roots popping out bottom-exact age unknown-in doubt *help!


What kind of hydroponic system are you using?


Ebb&Flow tray floods and drains at timed duration bottom watering all pots at same time then drains back to res very classic system :slight_smile:


@Donaldj - that’s what I thought. So in and ebb and flow system is it okay to have the roots coming out of the bottom of the buckets? Wouldn’t light exposure be a bad thing?


Actually they will air prune in many cases but more roots is never a bad thing many pots are designed to let roots air prune the result is roots don’t spiral in pot instead they form new roots. Think of roots as tiny filters the older and bigger they get the less flow they have like a dirty filter so in theory larger roots only transport like highways where the fine little roots act like cities and towns providing resources and materials which the highways transports to factories (leaves and buds) to make products out of. The more fine hair like roots the larger the supply of building materials :wink:


What a great analogy @Donaldj thanks for that!