Roots popping out bottom-exact age unknown-in doubt *help!


Ok people so I’m in a bit of a pickle! My gut tells me one thing but my lack of knowledge has me here with questions and concerns! So I will give basic info in hopes of some help!
I got my plants :seedling: in solo cups on the 17th of November. I transplanted them upon my receipt into 1 gallon pots. Accordingly to person I got them from they were put in solo cups on the 3rd of November. With all that being said all my plants mostly range 21-23 inches roughly and a few others range between 16-20 inches with the exception of One straggler that is like 10-11 inches. I water every other day. PH ave is 5.9-6.0 temp ave is day 79-84 night 69-74 humidity is usually always between 45-66 ave. PPM is always between 840-890 five or take. I have had lights in 24hrs since I got them with today being the first day I turned them off to begin 18hr on cycle 6hr off. My lights are like 21 inches above highest plant. I have ventilation and humidifier in place. With all that being said I’m seeing my plants want to cover up. Some leaves are curling up. I’ve read and did some research. My gut tells me they need more room. My friend says not yet. Well today I noticed while feeding that some of them have roots popping out at the bottom of pots. I don’t know :woman_shrugging:
I’m no expert -first grow -but something tells me they need to be in bigger pots and maybe that’s why they are curling up like that. I’m attaching a few pics. I hope they are good enough to see. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!! @bob31 @Bogleg @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 @Donaldj and anyone else!:wink::pray:


@GREENEYEZ what size are your pots? You can always transplant into larger pots. Most use 3gal for autos and 5 gal for photos


@VelcroThumb my plants are now in 1 gallon pots? If I put them in bigger pots how big should I go?? And will that send them into flowering?


@GREENEYEZ have a larger pot ready. Most use 3gals for auto plants and 5 gal for photo plants. Put some soil in and make a space for the plant. place your hand over the pot with the stem between your fingers. Turn it upside down and let the plant gently slide out. Then just move it to new pot and add more soil. This wont send a plant into flower. Generally the weed wont flower until it receives consecutive days of 12 hour darkness, unless its an auto plant. Auto plants dont care about light cycle, they change when they want


It almost looks like your pot is filled with rockwoll cubes lol @GREENEYEZ


@VelcroThumb I don’t use soil. I grow in hydroponic. Does that make any difference? I’m assuming mine are not auto because I am aware that I will have to use light schedules as they proceed.


@AmnesiaHaze yes I grow in hydroponic!


@GREENEYEZ then you should be good!


@VelcroThumb To transplant? And what size do you recommend I go to? Will that be permanent Home or just another temporary transplant?


@GREENEYEZ i couldnt tell you for hydro. As far as i know, your roots arent restricted by pot size in hydro. I think you want the roots to grow out of the bottom. I cant recall who the hydro guys are but maybe @bob31 or @Screwauger or @Covertgrower @dbrn32 will know


@Donaldj is a water grower.

I’m a soil guy @VelcroThumb


@VelcroThumb soil here, I know only enough to be dangerous at this point… based on your sizes there, a 6”inch net pot with your grow media into their permanent home probably would be fine. They appear large enough. @GREENEYEZ


@VelcroThumb thanks for all your help!!! I’ll wait for @Donaldj to see what he offers as far as roots growing out bottom and if I should transplant!! Thank you :pray: :grin:


@GREENEYEZ no worries, just trying to connect you to the right folks!


@Covertgrower only know enough to be dangerous! I love it! Lol thanks for your input! Greatly appreciated!


No need to worry about the roots coming out, but do your best to not move the pots from here on out. You don’t want to damage those delicate roots and stress your plants.


@3high5you thanks for your help? So based on the time frames I gave and the sizes of them they should not be transplanted? If not and roots coming out at bottom is ok then any idea why my leaves are looking they way they look ? I have checked temperature ph is good air etc!?!??


I’m guessing she’s hungry. When did you last make a fresh batch of nutes? Is your ppm right for this phase of growth? What nutes are you using? Got enough CalMag in there?


@3high5you I feed every other day and I always make it fresh. Maybe I can send you a list of what and how much I feed and you can better advise me… I can screenshot it tomorrow sometime. Thanks


I suspect this will be a good read I would leave them in 1 Gallon pots your numbers look good I believe your plants are just eating and drinking hard adding a dark cycle will increase root growth and let your plants get some rest in preparation for flower light cycle to come.
Looking good