Roots popping on clones need help please

So this is my 1st ever grow as well as 1st time ever cloning I have 1 clone that has popped 4 visual roots through the peat puck I have them in need of some guidance/knowledge on what to do next and how long I should be leaving it in my propagator for out of about a dozen clones I took this is the only one to take at the moment would appreciate all information

I just rooted my clones this week. As soon as the roots pop out of the puck U plant them in there first container. Usually a solo cup with drainage holes

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Here is a guide that will hopefully help you.

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Can i just toss this into a solo cup of FFOF or I also have small paper pots as well also how can I go about allowing more airflow in my propagator to get it accustomed to lower humidity when I have other cuttings in there that don’t have visual roots popping out

I only grow in coco so I don’t know if FFOF is a seedling/clone appropriate medium but yes they can go right into medium. My propagator has vents in the top so I open then to let in some air .


Yes my propagator has top vents as well as side vents but I also have other cuttings in there that aren’t showing signs of roots yet some older and some newer when i defoliated and I don’t want to ruin the chance of others popping roots just to acclimate one clone bit i also don’t have anymore room atm nor another propagator to separate ones that have rooted lol

I kept my rooted clones in with the ones that hasn’t yet ., I didn’t have any issues. Once they were all rooted I took the dome off and they are all doing fine. I cut a plastic quart container in half and it fit perfect inside the propagator


What size pot would you recommend next from the solo cup im using the double cup technique atm but want to prepare my self for when I need to transfer to the next pot size

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From the solo I’d move them to their final pots. I prefer the 5 gallon fabric pots to finish them in.

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Sounds good will do im happy you reply in good time i was just getting ready to buy 2gal fabric pots so good timing now ill just get 5gal instead

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