Roots poking through 10 cm

Hi my seedling are poking there roots through the bottoms of the 10 cm deep pots does this mean they are ready for the final 15lt pots …thanks luke

Is this seedling an auto? If yes, then you can transplant into a 15 l. Pot.


@raustin no how long should I wait would you say :+1:

Havnt a clue what I’ve just done with that link buddy I’m a newbie sorry

If you see roots poking out the bottom, you can transplant now, or wait a few days. It’s not crucial. A picture would help determine how far along your seedlings are.

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Ok thanks and they are 12 days from seed my profile pick was taking few days ago the roots are there in the holes at the Bottom but not trying to get out the pot yet bud

Ah, I see. You can probably wait a few more days. :relaxed:

Thanks raustin Ill get them in before weekend :metal::metal:

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You want a decent root system before you transplant so the root ball doesn’t fall apart during. Also, water a day or two before, that will help keep ball intact