Roots Organic Original - Nutrients?

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Did some searching but also haven’t found my way around the site enough just yet.

Container: 3gal Fabric Pot

Will be using Roots Organics Original, when would nutrients be needed? At the beginning or a few weeks out after transplant from Coast of Maine seed starter?
Was considering using either the RO terp tea, or Uplift…not sure which to go with but that’s where I’ve been looking.

Any suggestions and feedback certainly is appreciated.

With a little more recon time, I believe I found the info I need.

I grow photos in Roots. I dont feed till the PPMs drop to between 800/1000. Then i use Jacks 321. Aprox 5/6weeks from transplant.

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So this is what I do. I use happy frog, but it would also work with roots organics. Mix it with about 20% perlite, and 1 tablespoon per gallon of soil of fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3. I usually throw in some worm castings too. Then you just top dress with the fruit and flower monthly. Cheap, easy, and organic. I did by some bio thrive bloom that I’ll use a little of during flowering. Works for me. Here’s my two. One photo and one auto (the bigger one).

@Audiofreak, @DEEPDIVERDAVE, @Dexterado

Muchas gracias to all.
After more research here and much deliberation, I have chosen to go the way of super soil. I’ll be amending the Roots Organic Original with Natures Living Soil, and RO Elements Cal-Mag mix, picked up the NLS Girl Flower Power to apply later in our development.

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Honestly ur better off going with a five gallon fabric pot dont have to water so much with a five gallon fabric pot depending on what medium ur using

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I will agree. Tried bucket, think cloth may be bettter.
Tried available 10-gal cloth, took too much room and too much weight wet for my problems.
Using 3-gal cloth, ideal for wet lifting, but too small, maybe.
FINAL ANSWER 5-gal cloth filled 2/3 to 3/4 full leaving room for top dressing.
Soil FFOF or FFHF ( I have extra Mychos)
My next purchase will be five 5-gal cloth bags.

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Sounds like you have worked it out @DEEPDIVERDAVE u will see the difference when u use a five gallon fabric pot

@sixstring just a contrarian opinion as usual from me… if this is your first rodeo just buy a good soil mix and roll with it as is. The guys making the soil know more than you do about making a good mix.

If you’re gonna grow with organic soil in 5 gallon bags just plan to start feeding about 4-5 weeks after transplant.


Yes, best soils are the answer.
Worked thru from $25.00 a half yard for garbage, up to $25.00 a bag FFOF.
Learning to use soil, water, and fertilizers takes a little adjusting.
Best ever grow, so far.

Thanks to all for the input, although as much as I think I got this, I’m also still overwhelmed and confused.

I’m going to be in a small 27”x27”x63” tent, running a TS1000 led. 4” ventilation including carbon.
My thought was to have two specimens going at the same time in hopes for good harvest or at least having one as a fail safe to the other.

I’ve read for autos the 3gal fabric pots would be sufficient, but it seems many here think the 5gal is best. Is that simply due to watering schedules or will I soil run out of nutrients in the 3gal?
I am using Natures Living Soil to amend the Roots Organic, along with RO elemental for cal-mag and the Natures Living Girl Flower Power when the time comes.

Do I have a recipe for success or do I need to make adjustments? I am still just in the prep stage gathering everything, no seed yet.

5gallon for me. Actually I use 7 gallon and just don’t fill them quite all the way. And yes, holds more water so more time between waterings. Also more soil holds more nutrients so it’s just like having a bigger reservoir to draw from so to speak.