Roots in Hydroponics

Is it ok to have roots from 2 different plants intertwined with each other? I have that now at it would seem extremly stressfull if i tried to undo, Thanks

It is what it is. Yo0u should be OK, unless one is a male. I would gently attempt to separate them if they are not too big. Good Luck :slight_smile:

they’re pretty big, probably 7-9 inches long at 8 weeks

It might also depend on what parts are intertwined, if it is just the finer outer finer roots, it wouldn’t necessarily hurt to separate them if some of the finer roots broke.

What would happen if you tryed to finish 2 plants with the roots intertwined like that,just asking for future reference

Probably nothing if they finish at the same time. If one finishes sooner and is harvested sooner, or starts to die, all of its roots could begin to decompose and overwhelm and smother the live plant’s roots.

I just set to flower 2 days ago… thinking of trying to seperate roots, should I ? Majority of roots is intertwined 7-9 inches long 4-5 inches are intertwined…

Are they the same strain? Or do they have similar finishing times? if they do don’t worry about it, if not, sounds like they are too tangled and you should leave them alone and hope for the best.

same strain, same finishing times…yes

It is all about whether or not, you can gently shake them and slightly pull apart. Only you can see that. As MacG said; “If they are just tangled on the outer most roots, it will be easier”

Think i would do major root damage, I think I’ll keep as is… thanks

We look forward to hearing what happened. please keep us informed. Great for future growers to learn these things. Peace.lw

I did a water change yesterday, and did seperate the roots. Seemed like it was mostly towards the ends, maybe last 2-3 inches. Didn’t seem to cause too much damage and if i thought it would i would have stopped. Something else Question: I’m Using the Flora series for nutes and as many know the first in the series, the Micro (I think) is a deep dark purple color that if you get on your clothes is worse then a wine stain, probably not coming out. When water change is done with the advised amount, the water is a bit purplish. Can this cause the roots to slightly absorb this and turn color? My roots seem to have. Plants are looking healthy and roots look good except that color. Oh and using hydroguard and water temp is not too high. 1 gallon res.

This may be a bit late, but as an ex-professional horticulturist I grew plants hydroponically for many years and in my experience, root tangling is only an issue for us, the growers. In nature many plants not only entangle their roots as a natural byproduct of growth, but they also naturally graft together ( this is rare in hydroponics) even plants of different species and genus. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Again may be too late but I am having the same issue with my roots. They are brownish and I have really been watching for root rot. I am using RAW products and liquid karma. My water is dark brown. I am not panicking too much as my roots all seem really firm just not nice and white.