Roots growing out of pots and into communal tray


5.4 is low and will restricts the nutrients available to the plant. I would hit it with 6.8 pH water for the time being And keep checking the pH. Once you have the ppm meter, you can check the runoff which will help determine if you need a flush.

One other thing is if you have calibrated the pH meter recently? Mines al over the place and I calibrate it frequently


Got it, will do…yep i have to calibrate each time I use it…I got the apera and was gonna send it back but i guess its normal… i even got a second brand (the yellow and black one ya see on amazon) to check the first!On my way Ill post a pic in awhile.thanks a bunch for the advice.


Hi guys @sixpackdad, @hogmaster, @tanlover442, Heres the pics…lights off flash on cameraphone. Its about the same as this morning, only two or three leaves are showing signs of it…my temps have been around 75-80’ and I’ve been fighting humidity, with it mostly below 40% for the past few days since some wet weather came thru where I found it at almost 90% last saturday morning. I opened up the tent and turned the ac back on and it dropped quickly aftet that to the 50% zone. Since then its gotten colder and dry and the humidity dropped faston Monday. Getting humidifier going seems essential now.

Let me know what ya’s think. Thanks for your patience with me as well.


Looking at this chart that I lifted from @VelcroThumb, (thanks mr velcro!), it looks like I may have a calcium deficiency?


It makes sense and looks like it. Your plant will struggle to get calcium at the 5.4 pH.



Do you think the flush will do it? 6.8 water right? Should I get a couple of gallons of distilled water? I fed today with 6.3 or so…I’ll let it ride till Saturday morning and I’ll try to do a flush with the way I have it set up. Can’t really drag it over to a tub since it’s in a scrog, so I’ll flush it in the tent and break out the wet vac. Tho, I’m definitely open to suggestions. Thanks Six!


I would do that, water with 6.8 on saturday to a good runoff. Then check the pH. It should be rising. Good luck!


Hi @Growndaddy5589](,@sixpackdad,@hogmaster, @tanlover442, Hope all is well…Did the flush, ph was defintely low…5.4 in most of the pots and 4.8 in the one with the cal def and they seem good today. I hit 'em with 6 gallons of 6.8 water till I had almost a clear runoff. But before I started the flush I threw about 1/4 cup of a organic cal/mag on top in each and let the flush pull it thru. I got a cheap soil ph meter probe and stuck it in and watched the ph get better with each gallon of water I poured thru.I added a humidifier to each tent and I’m holding about 40%. Gotta say I’m a little nervous. I spent probably 6 hours with them on the flush and I used a magnifying glass and the trichomes are building up all over and the buds are getting sticky too. Between the 6 plants It seems I have somewhere between 35-40 colas of varying size not including popcorn buds, and quite a few them are gonna be nice. I don’t want to screw this part up seeing them fluff up now. Do you think it’s safe to hit it with the nutes now or wait till tomorrow? Should I let this dry out a bit? I have the FF tiger and big blooms. I was not going to use the grow big seeing I’m in my 4th week now. What do you guys think? My plan was to give 'em 1/2 dosage of both every other feed which would be every 4 days till the last flush in 3 or 4 weeks. Figured I’d supplement with the organic calmag once a week as well. Heres some pics I just took.

Looks like I stopped it in its tracks

This is my little future crop BBK. She had a rough start and actually started to flower but I put it on a solid 18/6 and she stretched a bit and I topped it last week.
I have an Amnesia Haze auto ready to go when these are done.


Sounds good you might wana let it dry a little before giving any liquids you put em through a flush which can be detrimental depending on the the plant but you will wana feed as soon as possible or you ladys wont have what they need to get nice fat colas on em or they might be smell less or tasteless what was the ppm of the last of the run off


Have you checked for russet mites at all


I didnt get the ppm meter yet…ordered it thursday…Thats what I figured as far as feeding it…


just a few gnats now and then…I’ve been sprinkling cinnamon on the soil tops and I’ve been spraying with bregmans pest control every other day. Are russet mites something I might expect from flushing?


Cant see much in the non-white light pics.

Always a major milestone when the babies start flowering…

Took me awhile to realize how important a PH n PPM Meter set is to a good grow.
Grew some big gorgeous colas…but…no punch, no matching buzz.
PPM tells how much the plant is using or needs. Something to consider.

I like mine to look gorgeous and BE POTENT !!!

I smoke, I remember the grow, I smile. Life is good.


Dang that woulda told you what you need to do you coulve left like 100 ppm in it an let it dry out then fed with no problem


No doubt! …as I read thru the forums I understand that. Hence, I’m waiting on my Amazon! Made some mistakes here and there and have been conservative but I think it’ll be fine!


Here’s some better shots.


Your girls look pretty good. Should be a nice harvest on down the road.


Hi again guys @sixpackdad, @tanlover442, @Growndaddy5589, @peachfuzz, @Hogmaster, I did a feed Monday morning of 1/2 nutes FF and got my ppm meter and boy did it tell a story. So The runoff I saved from before I fed them Monday mornings feed at 1/2 nutes and a full day after the flush was 85ppm. When I got home Tuesday night, with my new ppm tester, I used distilled water (12ppm) and mixed in FF big bloom and tiger bloom at 1/2 strength which gave me a 1150ppm and ph’d back up to 6.6 (soil is a MG/black magic mix with 10% worm castings) and fed it this morning a little less than 1/2 gallon each and checked runoff tonite and had a 780 ppm runoff. I’m wondering if I can push it now. Started to get a few yellow leaves in the underbrush, but I think it might be normal yellowing and leaf dying cause its not really rampant and most of the plants look good and the colas are really starting to fill out. The girls are just in they’re 5th week of flower so I really want to get a big finish here. I’m expecting to go another 3 or 4 weeks and with a flush 2 weeks before harvest I only really have another two weeks to go for feeding them and optimizing what I can get out of them. What kind of numbers should I get now and I’m guessing increasing the nutes will get me there?


I would stay the course… what makes you think you had a problem to begin with…? :wink:
They look good yo me… :wink:



Hi @peachfuzz, I had some spotting from a cal deficiency last week and I’m definitely nervous about the endgame here. and its my first real grow! Don’t want to blow it!