Roots growing out of pots and into communal tray


Hi All, I’ve learned a ton reading thru all the blogs and forums. On my first real indoor attempt here… Have a few fem ILGM GL, BB Kush, Big Bud, seeds going. Actually had 7 of 8 germinate successfully (6 via paper towel and water method and 7th by just dropping it in soil and keeping it inn the dark for 5 days and sprouted last and can be seen in some of the pics as its still in a cup. I had a big scare when I threw too much nutrients and bad ph water on em at a way to young an age and almost paid for it dearly. I caught it fast enough and flushed the babies out and they came back nice and strong. However, they rebounded at different rates so some are ahead of others. I removed the trays from my pots to maximize room in my small sized grow tent (20x 36x60) and added a plastic liner to the bottom and turned up the ends to hold water. and I added water to the entire bottom of the grow tent and have been keeping it at about a 3/4" level since I went to it. Its been 2 weeks since I transplanted most of the seedlings and they seem to be flourishing well. I pruned three so far to split the shoots up and contain the height. I’ve have been now using veg growth fert from ILGM sparingly and 6.0 ph’d water only every two days and lightly spray them everyday. Now in the past few days I’ve noticed roots growing out of the pot on at least one of the pots and I’m worried it may pose a problem in the future for the plant or plants. I did this to maximize my grow space and so I can have multiple chances that these are actually females.
My question is!!!.. Should I worry about this? Should I cut it back, should I go back to the trays? I plan on sexing them in another week by transplanting cuttings but maybe I can skip this step if its true that these will all be fems. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Other Info on my grow:
Temp: 75’
Humidity: varies between 50%-60%
Medium: Black Magic and Miracle grow Potting Mix
Light: R6HS LED 880/300w
Air: Charcoal canister exterior mounted with 2’ interior hose for sound control mounted prefan.
Humidity control: Cool Humidifier

today at 32 days +/- since seedlings


They look nice. The different levels of growth could be attributed to the genetics as much as the stress they needed to go through as a seedling. Regardless, nice work so far. I would eliminate the water you are holding them in underneath. The may lead to root rot. I think the roots coming out the end of the pots are fine. What size pots 3gallon?

Two cautions - miracle grow potting mix is a hot soil and comes preloaded with nutes, not sure about black magic. This can lead to overnuting. Be cautious with how much grow FP fert you are using, I use less than a 1/2 dose - typically around 1/4 - in a coco based soilless soil I water every other day.

Also, I am not sure if black magic and miracle grow count as soil or soilless (I think soil?). If its soil - you need to water/nute at a pH around 6.5; if soilless (or hydro), it’s around 5.8.


Best NOT to use prefertilized. This way means you have total control of the nute dosage at all phases of growth. Start slow on the nutes and adjust as the ladies indicate. Learn to read your leaves.

As long as the growing roots are not clogging drain holes or flow holes…no problem. Actually it’s a sign of good healthy plants thriving.


A BIG thanks guys, Black magic Soil has all the attributes necessary as far as I can tell by what I’ve read so far. being a little lazy myself or I would have started this a long time ago (LOL), i went with the premix. Yes the miracle is hot but again it had all the qualities that i was reading were essential. So I mixed them 50/50 and so far these are the results. All the water I’m using is PH’d before I add it to either the Pan or spray bottles before hand to 6.0-6.5. (I’ve been reading boys!!).
I’m using Bregmans’ nute program but I’m using half the recommended dosage and in a spray bottle and spritzing only the top of the soil when its dry and a shot across the tops before I zip up for the day. I have not poured water directly into the pots since they were transferred to their 3 gal pots. Seems they are happy with just the spritzing I’ve been doing every other day and the water in the communal pan. I’m also using Bregmans root protector and mold guard once a week so far and I’ve been spraying it in the water I’m holding in the communal pan. The communal pan is being used instead of the individual pot pans so I can maximize my space until I sex all the plants. I’ll probably put them back in their individual pot pans after I get rid of any males. Tho all the seeds are feminized and if they are all fems, I’ll have a good problem. Any diseases that might cause me to lose a plant I’ll have a backup going still. I may have germinated more than I can handle in the tent I’m using, since its only for personal consumption so I was looking to grow as needed but didn’t want to start from scratch if something went wrong with any.
After my first early scare I went ahead and germinated replacements, but I was able to resuscitate the first ones and now I have seven going of diff varieties! But it looks like I’m going to run out of room and may have to get a bigger tent to make this work.
As far as the water in the communal pan I’m holding now and have maintained since I started this setup, I’m a little apprehensive to let it dry out now for fear of screwing something up. All the visible roots are nice and white so they’re thriving but may be getting some light from above since they’re exposed. I’m going to rectify that somehow so as to keep them in the dark.


I look forward to watching the grow. I my first grow, I also had the scare moment and germ’d another wave of plants. It was a tight in the space while I had all 12 jammed in a 33x46" space, but it all worked out.

The use of a water spray bottle to water the plants would make me think they may not be getting enough water, but if you have water underneath coming up from the bottom, plus the spray bottle, it sounds like you are ok.


Hi guys, Well all good so far. Just turned to flowering last week. Did a 2 day blackout period and then went to 12/12 and had sexes on two in 4 days. All 6 are female. My worst nightmare!!! 2 GL, 2BLK, 2 BigB. Small tent seems overwhelmed even with double scrog layer. What a great problem to have huh?! Have been nuting lightly once a week with ILGM veg stage and watering every 4 days but I’m keeping the communal tray wet as it helps keep up the humidity on dry days. I’ve got 40% in the mornings, when I let the tray dry out, which I’m not crazy about having quite so low just yet. I know it should still be up around 60 but I get it there at times. At least I won’t need a dehumidifier later on. Seems like the tent, in the space I have it, likes to get to 40% if I ignore it. One pic is from a month ago after I did first scrog layer. Ordered a new larger tent for next grow. Since I did a few clones to sex, I now also have quite a few of them going and doing well, so I’ll need another tent to keep them going and a second crop will soon follow this one. Which should be more than enough to go 6 months to start a fresh batch. but i’ll probably have to eliminate a few so I don’t over do it again with the limited space. Seems that If I had fewer plants I’d have more side colas working.

![20181115_063610_001_resized|281x500](upload://4i JAYGlHScCdCIlnvjUwZJyn3p7.jpeg)
Keep ya’s posted!


Hi guys, #sixpackdad, #tanlover I’m into my second week of flower and things seem to be going well. I have a question about trimming some fan leaves off the top to open up some light to the rest of the scrog. Here are some pics from 15 minutes ago. I did some dead leave cleanup and trimmed back some more small branches at the bottom to concentrate all the goodness to the tops. I’ve been trimming almost every other day and I don’t think that’s good. I maybe shocking the plant over and over. Should I trim all at once or is it okay to trim little by little as I’ve been doing? Most of the dying and drooping leaves have come from the bottom of the plant and it seems there’s a few every time i open up the tent.(1xday) I also ordered a larger tent for height because the light is so close to the top. the one GL in the middle is a monster. She’s got a thick trunk and refused to be tied down to the scrog! I’ll have to undo the scrog to separate the plants or I may just ride this one out and start only three in the new tent for my second grow. Any comments appreciated.!(upload://o432QMovY1F5cmfmp20181123_085137_1542981303603_resized|281x499


Hi @abouttime - I am going through the same questions about the SCROG - remove the fan leaves, or tuck them under; how much&when? Over the past week I have cleared out the underbelly a little bit at a time. Yesterday I decided to tuck the big fan leaves on top as oppose to remove them. I may start to pick a few off over time if the underbelly gets to dense.

From reading various posts, it seems trimming a little over time is better and less stressful than all at once.

Here’s my growlog of my scrog

4th grow, ILGM fems Maui Wowie/Gold Leaf/Cali Dream/Chronic Widow three-stage perpetual grow attempt, indoor, soilless


Hi again @sixpackdad, That’s an idea about the tucking but then I’m still blocking some light getting down to the 2nd scrog net. I noticed in quite a few blogs that it seems most leave the fans intact. I’m going to check the pruning area and see what I can find out.
I was going thru your post above. Notice you had some leaf burn early on. I also am using a mix of soils as I said above, I mixed the same miracle grow soil and black magic potting soil as well. I’ve been holding back the nutes really using this mix and haven’t experienced any of those issues. I’ve added Bregmans nutes but only at the 1/4 of what they advise. After I switched to 12/12 I did one last bregman veg nute feed and now I did one bregman flower feed with distilled water at 6.5ph. I picked up the Apera ph tester and man its a breeze compared to before. I must say I was spot on with my eyeball method of ph chart testing after 15 years or so of maintaining our home fishtank! I have a really low humidity level right now with the NE weather we’re having right now so I gave the girls a soaking with the sprayer so they have the whole day to soak it in. Let me get back to your blog!


Sixpackdad Hi again, Well a lot happened since the tryptophan put me to sleep last week. I ordered another tent and light and separated the GL’s out of the smaller tent and after a few days of getting adjusted their new home they are really looking good. One thing that stood out for me was that I had done a lot of trimming to maximize the tops of the plants in the smaller tent that when I split them up the BlueBerrys were real lame. One was behind in growth and small and the other I pruned the hell out of it and ended up with only a couple of real cola sites. but in the past week it’s making a nice comeback. And I think what ever they produce, will turn out better for the extra room they have. I did a straight PHd water feed two days ago and tonite I added fox farms tiger bloom big bloom and grow big in small amounts and gave em probably the most generous two water feeds yet. I was also able to put the pots back in their respective trays so I don’t have communal water any more and fed till I had runoff. I’m afraid to use too much nutes for this grow since it started in Miracle Grow and Black Magic soil. I’ve since topped off the plant with good coating of worm casings on all the plants an so far so good. I started this grow with bregmans nutes but I’m going with the fox farms for the flower cycle and hope for the best. I’m thinking of cutting out the Big Bloom next week since it has Nitrogen which I figure I should be cutting after 2 weeks of flower.

These are the GL’s.


another shot of the GL’s.


I am glad they are coming together. I am still going for every other day watering with 1/4 nutes. It adds 300 ppm of flowering nutes to my 180 ppm tap water.pH 5.8.

Did you have any issue with low pH runoff with the Black Magic?


Thanks. I’m going to follow that sched too. Just tested runoff on the GL’s and I’m getting 5.5 to 5.8 on the 4 plants. 5.3 and 5.5 on the 2 BB’s. How does that sound too you? I feed them at 6.2 or so. I’m not familiar with how to test for PPm.
Like I said, I mixed 50/50 the miracle grow moisture control potting soil and the Black Magic brand soil.

I got from the Home depot. I added the worm casings (about an 1 1/2") to the top just before I flowered and have been mixing it in when the soil is dry before I water. I also used up all of my wife’s cinnamon powder because I have a few little gnats flying around every now and then. I think they’re getting sucked up by the exhaust fans as well! I also used the bregmans bug control once a week as well as the root protector and the mold control via spray bottles as directed.
Here’s the two BB. They’re lame because of the crowding issue I had, but it’s making buds in a few places and at least I’ll get a sample out of them.

Here’s some pics from today of my setup and some cannaporn.

Here’s a few with the light off and flash on.

This last pic is the BB’s from above. They look better from above and have quite a few bud sites for what they are.
Comments and advice are always welcome.


The ladies look like they like it.

I was going to use Black Magic seedling mix for my germinated seeds. When watering at 5.8pH, I got a runoff of 4.2pH, so I decided not to use it. I don’t know if its just a “bad batch” or if the black magic product is just normally this low on pH. I wasn’t willing to risk it with my seeds and am curious of others saw similar issues.


I think the Miracle grow is keeping it up with mine so far…LIke I mentioned, I’ve been real easy with the nutes. The only real yellowing I’ve had so far on any of the plants has been on the GL’s lower extremities. I attribute that to them not getting enough light in the cramped tent they started out in. Most of the leaves that we’re a little yellow after the relocation have rebounded except one big fan leaf which is down low still and I’ll trim off it doesn’t rebound by tomorrow. I’m really guessing since I’m not a horticulturalist other than my tomato garden and fig and peach trees. I can’t wait till next year to apply some of the techniques gleaned here on them!


Hi @Sixpackdad, @Hogmaster, woke up this morning to some spotting on aome leaves and some burnt tips on others on one of my GL’Sl… probably over fed it…Did a straight ph’d water feed this morning and I hope it clears up or I’ll flush em all Saturday morning. I’m pretty sure its the Miracle Geow side of my mix causing issues. All the others are doing well so Im not panicking. Going to check my leaf chart to see what it probably is. Have a pair of 12 hour days ahead plus travel so looking after them and getting a pic posted will be a challenge since when I get home they’ll be sleepig.


Hi @abouttime

How far are you now into flower? The further you go into flower the plant may tap into some of the stored nutrients in the leaves to supplement itself. This should be in he latter phases of flowering though. What’s the pH and Ppms of the runoff water that comes out the bottom of you plant?

A few spots or tips burned won’t necessarily alarms me if it’s just a few leaves. If it starts to spread I start to think about corrective actions


Whats up @Sixpackdad, I flipped on the 13 or so of nov. I did 48hrs of dark and then went to 12/6 since. I’m now using only fox farms trio of nutes only but I think i did a back to back watering with them these past two times and i was supposed to skip one at least but Im a little burnt so…my bad!! Lol…I watered this morning at 6.2 and I’ll check the runoof this evening… I dont have a tester for ppms…:sob: Only spotted two leaves on top with the issue and 2 or 3 with burnt tips. I’m at work so I havent checked the leaf chart yet. Im hoping its like you said…normal! I put in about 1/2 gallon of straight ph’d water ea. anyway this morning so I hope Im already correcting it. What should the ph be in the runoff do you think?


The ph should be 6.3 to 6.8 for soil. Your ppms should be about 1000 and rising as you go deeper into flower. The ppms are a great indicator how loaded your soil is. Cheap ones are about 10 bucks on Amazon


I’ll def look into getting one asap i guess… what the hell right!! I had checked the tunoff last week, it was 5.4… too low?.. how would I correct it?