Roots exposed after watering

Quick question, for the last two waterings, when I water normally, the soil moves away from the highest roots on my stem and expose them. My plants are about two weeks out from harvest. Is this normal, or is there an issue with my soil?

Thanks in advance!

I notice the same with mine, but way before harvest! Not sure about normal, but there should be no problem. Those roots mainly help support the plant against lateral movement.

I grow outside so my surface roots have always been beefy from all the winds pushing the plant around. Think old tree with the surface roots exposed. Same thing, just a much shorter time frame.

The roots that are actually feeding her are well below the surface.

Happy harvesting!

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This was kinda what I was thinking, but wanted to be sure. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Trying to pay some forward from all the help I’ve gotten here. I can’t help much, but I try when I am able.


I’ve been growing for a long Long time and the roots have always shown through
And never any problems . but I have thrown more soil. Soooped up soil that is…lol but no your fine


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