Roots damaged with transplanting, now my plant started flowering already. Is it the stress of a bad transplant?

A question of a fellow grower:

One seedling is much slower than the rest , yea iv ordered the feminized blueberry strain, everything was fine until i transplanted them form a 1 gallon fabric grow bags to a 5 gallon pot, the roots got stock a bit , specially my best plant , so yea iv damaged the roots then re potted them and apply some super thrive , they seemed a bit stunned but still healthy , then last night i saw that the one who got the most damage started flowering already , im not sure why ? is it the stress of a bad transplant ? , im growing outside in a greenhouse at the moment , in nsw Australia, it was really sunny as well then 3 days ago we v had a cold snap as well , so yea they are really small still and start to flower , so i just wanted to know what to do because ive got 1 plant who doesn’t show sign yet , should i keep them together in the greenhouse or separate them ?, also i was considering getting some new seeds and start again, still got a few more months before the days start to get shorter , what you guys would think is best for me to do ? cheers guys

If they are photo and not auto its possible shes just mature enough to show her sex most plants will start to revile their sex at 6 to 8 weeks of veg time.

In Australia, aren’t you guys early in the growing season? Unless you have autos, I wouldn’t think they’d flower this early. But, as long as they’re all females, there’s no real reason to separate them outdoors.

I’ve never had a photoperiod flower when the dark period is more than 10 hours.

Australia and especially eastern nsw has only just started having days with longer than 12 hrs sunlight. The plants will flower if you have them outdoors at this time of year. I have plants outdoors in a greenhouse that are 2 months old already but i have had to extend the photoperiod to keep them in a veg state. Your plants will continue to grow and flower at the same time for the rest of the season. You will still harvest quality smoke but the plant may not reach its full potential size wise. Good luck with your grow.

thanks hips mate , yea i didn’t even realize that we where under 12 h of sunlight, but they are looking really healthy, also i was just wondering if , because the days are getting longer now, would they reverse back to veg or keep flowering? also iv order more seeds and was thinking to grow them in the same greenhouse, would it b ok to have some in veg and some in flower in the same spot ? thanks for your help cheers :v:t6:

This is where the weird shit starts to happen. Your plants will continue to grow but they will also flower at the same time. You will see alternating branches and leaves instead of opposite growth . Leaves will contain fewer fingers and will be slightly smaller in size but the plant will show fresh pistills all through the growth stage. When it fully starts to flower they will be chunky compact and solid. Keep an eye on them as they may be prone to hermie and you dont want any random pollination of your other vegging plants , but they should all live happily together.

thanks hips mate :call_me_hand:t5: