Roots are amazing

Ok. I’m kind of blown away right now. I transplanted my Mango Crack plants about 3.5 weeks ago into 3gal pots. From a smaller 4” tall pot. This morning I watered and fed them. This evening I checked to make sure the holes under the pot where flowing freely. I immediately noticed roots are growing out from the holes I drilled in the bottom. There aren’t many maybe 3 poking slightly from one pot and 2 poking a little further out from the other. The roots are a beautiful white color. Do I transplant into my 5 gal fabric pots soon? Now? Or can I wait a week till I’m more prepared?


Ya sounds like they’re ready for the big house. But better to wait until you have every thing all ready and set up.


If they’re poking out then they’re ready mate but they’ll be fine to wait too it’ll just give them time to mass up making it easier to transplant


Got the transplant done this evening. The girls are adjusting quite well.

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nicely done, looking healthy and happy.

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Thank man. So this morning my lights didn’t come on at 5am. It wasn’t until 7am that I noticed and immediately corrected it. Somehow I hit a button while transplanting yesterday. Is that 2 hrs extra darkness going to hurt? I have them on the 18-6 cycle now.

not at all during veg

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Once they go to 12-12 tho is it super important to maintain the lighting?

Side note. She rewarded me with a sight I’m doing well. 9 point leaf. That makes me pretty happy.