Rootbound pots in flowering period

Hey people,
Am looking for some of your invaluable help,(again🙄),my problem is guy’s, I’ve just put my 4 ladies into flower,(7th day)an have just noticed the roots are packed in their containers,(have them in builders buckets,)which I think are 2gal),see pic,

,am a total tech twat,so apologies if pics fail, anyways,I was thinking of just cutting bottom off current containers an sitting them in a bigger bucket,maybe even hessian sack,what say you?oh wise and respected community of calm, please advise,always greatful.

Are you pot bound and how tall are your babies? 2 gal bucket isn’t good at all. My go to size is 5 gal although some use 3 gal for autos. You’re probably going to have to do something a bit quick. Transplanting can be done but you risk damaging roots, stems etc as you wrestle with her. What’s your f@$k it gene like? Mine is strong and I tend to just wade in. My thoughts…transplant into 5 gal pot before she doubles her size but be careful and good luck

Cheers Davy
I know,what a twat right?
Yeah,I reckon their rootbound,(or close to it),they are 50cm,was thinking of just cutting the bottom out of the buckets they are in,and sitting them in another bucket of medium,rather than transplant the whole thing,f#£k it gene is in outer f@#£_&g outer space somewhere,so it’ll get done either way I go,
Cheers for the input brother :facepunch:.

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Any time mate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. Cut the bucket off completely :see_no_evil::sunglasses:
I will tell you about my first grow one day. Jeez talk about plant cruelty :see_no_evil::rofl::rofl:

Hahahaha, it D,your right,was thinking about it and am going full transplant,have just now procured (like that word,:grin:gonna be me word of the day, procured,) fourth 5gallon container,and am mixing soil for it,can’t wait for your butchery story,lol,cheers again for your input pal,peace out an all that palava,:facepunch:

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I think hellraiser uses mykos (and probably azos too) when he transplants for fast root recovery if you can buy it local I’d get it( website has a free sample pack but God knows when you’ll get that) and I just noticed this is months old dunno why it just popped up for me