Root worm, need help

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a question for you I have lost all of my plants to root worm they ate the plant right at the base of the dirt cannot figure out how to get rid of them what do you suggest

Worms are good! People BUY worm castings (shit) for outrageous prices per pound! You are getting it free! I put worms in my grows to give me a easy way of checking soil health wood. Lots of worms= everything’s OK. No worms = trouble! My tubs always have lots of worms. I do a perpetual grow. 3 big tubs about 2 -3 weeks apart. If I don’t see at least a half dozen worms while transplanting, I get worried! - Granny

Root worms are fly or gnat larvae and kill plants

I caught some early and ended up removing the top 1-2 inches of soil and replacing it with clean soil. That was a lucky break

If they are deep down and a real problem you might have to consider transplanting in an attempt to save the plant. I had done this once with a tomatoes plant successfully. Essentially knock off as much infected soil as possible very very carefully and repot the plant.

My previous plant (tomato) was left alone to sort it out as I didn’t know better and quickly met it’s end

Best of luck!

Mosquito bits in bottom of pot first before soil, just a little. Enough to cover the bottom. Then your medium. Mosquito bits on top with some gnat nix. Should prevent that problem.