Root Trapper II


Fabric pots with insulated sides.


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Hey @bob31 I think that robot thing give this forum credit if you purchase the item which help pay for forum so we don’t need to lol :joy: :+1:
They sound nice @Traumamedic
You use them yourself ? How do they work if you do
I have the air pots that I think work great but these may be better for out door grow might be pricey for a 30 gal or bigger pot


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@garrigan62 here’s another one :wink::innocent: Thanks :+1::ok_hand::v:


Copy and paste the link otherwise i can’t get there




Thanks, appreciate it!

They actually come in three colors. White, tan, and burgundy.
And they are cheaper on the site that I bought them from, then on Amazon.

If you would like the link to that site, here it is.

www dot rootmaker dot com/retailstore


You might want to remove that link if it’s not a partner site don’t want you to get in trouble @Traumamedic



It’s not a link, you can’t click on it can you?
I appreciate it!


No I guess it’s cool then lol