Root temperature

I have a question about the temperature at root level
I tested my run off PH and received a reading of 6.0
I am growing in soil and using Advanced Sensi grow A&B. My Blue lab PH pen said the temp is 64 degrees. Is that acceptable and if not how do I increase or decrease?
My tent temp is 75-81 degrees

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What kinda lights are you using possibly get lights closer to soil, or water with Luke warm water get to keep soil temps up soil of I’m not mistaken should be atleast 68-72 degrees, or you can get a heating pad and place under planter to keep roots warm from the bottom,
honestly over all id go with the heating pad under the planter you’ll have better luck warming up the soil, and thats the best option

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Thanks Majiktoker. I am using a 400 w MH with an air cooled reflector and it’s about 20" from plant top. I was worried about moving it closer cuz my tent temp is already at the high end of the scale. We are about to enter spring in my neck of the woods so I should only need to increase root temp for a short period of time and a pad sounds like a good way to go. That way I can utilize it on my next winter grow.

I put a propagation mat or two under mine in the cold, also I am not venting my light right now to keep more heat in the tent, at 400 watts in my 4x4 tent is a steady 75, my light is about 20 inches above plant tops
-best wishes

Yea, ok using a 400watt mh your perfect at 20" above plants, heating pad is definatley the way your gunna wanna go lol

That’s not a bad idea, I use heating pads when the room gets cold, but honestly now since I have added 1000 watts to the grow room on top of the original 400watt hps, and the 1000 watt is a super hps, only thing is I have to constantly air out the room so it doesn’t get to hot and sleep with Windows open in the bedroom, bonus though no more heating problems, and it’s been 28 degrees overnight lately which in turns has helped stable the grow room at 78 degrees and that with 2 fans lol with both fans off and Windows close it could probably get close to 120-130 degrees, and there is no way I’m gunna risk that heat on the plants lol, so might as well leave Windows open and both fans going

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LOL at windows open! that would be as big a tip-off as a light leak, right! I wouldn’t be able to go to 600 without venting the tent into the surrounding room either, and even at 400 unvented I have to leave the front half of the tent unzipped and the little portholes are open too, and I’m still getting 75 - 77! but yeah I have a couple of propagation mats from the old days and I used them since I started, but I took them out when I went to 400w @Majiktoker

No I have curtains (black) that block the Windows and closest doors stay shut most of the time so they’re are minimal to no light leaks @paranorman and when the closet doors are shut you can’t really smell them, now when the doors open that’s another story but my neighbors grow and smoke to and I have a 7’ wood dance in the back yard, and sounds like what I did but I ditched my heating pads when I added the 1000 watt super hps, was more beneficial and made growing more worth it, at least you know your limits in lights though, I knew the 1000 watt was to much to add so I modified, over amped the house circuit 2 times then got it to work the 3rd time and it’s worked since, the 3rd time is the charm lol

Thanks everyone. What problems am I facing with the root temp at 64? I won’t be able to get a pad until after this weekend as I am going out of town and I would like to know how to proceed if I come home to my girls unhappy about their surroundings

Roots will be a little cold, if there are no signs showing when you leave chances are you wont have to worry to much but if temps do go lower may risk roots, rotting, dying and stunted/slow, and/or little to no growth.

Stunted/slow and/or little to no growth is a long stretch but if temps drop into high 40’s low to middle 50’s it may happen

Ok thanks
Whew… I should be fine. The outdoor temps look to remain the same for the next few days and the atmosphere in the room where my tent is will therefore remain the same. Roots won’t get any colder and the girls look happy with shoots showing under the main shoot. Another week and I am going to top one of the 2 Strawberry Kush plants. Only one cuz I have not topped a plant yet and don’t want to hurt both if I F up.
Thanks again everyone

If you need pointers on topping we can always help you out my friend but I totally understand, keep us updated and best of luck

Thanks for the topping help offer Majiktoker, I will never run out of questions…lol. I joined the lab with just the grow skills module as $ is a consideration unfortunately. In that module under topping it is stated that indica’s grow 2 slow to be fim’ed. Is that essentially the same as topping and would Strawberry Kush from ILGM be in that category?
I have limited height in my tent, I am sure that is why I could buy it so cheap, and I need to control the plants. Current plan is to top a few days to a week before I switch to flower 12/12 light

Along the same lines but fimming you will end up with 4 main colas or stocks and topping you will end up with 2 main colas or stocks, my opinion I think strawberry kush would be a better strain to top rather than fim if that’s what you were asking lol

Yep that was what I was after.
This is my third grow and first of multiple plants so I am a sponge for info. I have used LST with some success and I tried supercropping but I didn’t LST along with the SC so it out grew my space. Trying to avoid that this time around.

Your welcome, I’ll be around, we will be able to help avoid that problem this time lol best of luck

I went to 12/12 on April 3rd so if I count 2 weeks of pre flower I am 2 weeks into flower. I have a nice amount of white pistils showing, my question is can I prune some of the top leaves where a shoot has come out of or is it to late. I will post a picture but my girls are asleep now and it will be a few hours before the lights click on.

If you already have white pistils it is to late to prune or top your plants

If you can avoid cutting off big leaves the better for the plant. Try pushing the leaves down into the plant…it may take a few times but you’ll win over a day or so. Be gentle, don’t break them.

I’m guilty of treating my big leaves like they were Rodney Dangerfield…I don’t cut them off, but they get no respect. As soon as they cut light off, I rearrange. A few have broken off, but accidentally.

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