Root rot recovery slow


okay guys need some suggestions i have 4 plants that are 2 months old the autoflower is already starting to flower and they are all 5 in tall ive been fighting root rot since the second week with h2o2 and managed to keep them alive until i got some aquashield and the roots seem to be recovering but theres not any top growth or very little to speak of i have 200 watts of cfl in a 2x4 foot grow space and was thinking about upgrading to a 400 watt hps system but its in my bedroom closet and was worried it might raise the temp to much in my room i have two fans one pulling in cool air at the bottom of the tent one pulling hot air out the top do u guys think i would be able to run it without having to install a full fledged ducting system or no


Why are you having the root rot in the first place? If it is because you can’t keep the reservoir below 75F, doing anything that will add more heat is not a good idea. If you keep your reservoir temps below 75F many people don’t seem to have a need for h2o2 or aquashield, I very rarely use those at all.

With a 400 watt HPS system and having the ballast for the system outside the tent/closet, you may be able to have lower temps. even with more light. It might still get pretty hot thought with a 400 watt HPS, you may need better ventilation. I need to know more about your fans in this closet and how they actually move the air in and out of the room. What kind of fans? Inline duct fans? Regular circulating house fans?


i have a 4 in desk fan mounted in the top with a hole cut in the plastic to suck air out and a 12 in desk fan at the bottom pulling cool air in my bedroom stays 64 and at the highest my tent gets is 75 and thats with the cfls 5 in from the thermometer just a couple in above the plant i have 4 five gallon buckets wrapped in black duct tape with neoprene inserts in my net cups so no light penetration going to add 4 4in hydrofarm round airstones this weekend cuz with the crappy ten inch ones from walmart and an 18 watt commercial air pump im getting minimal surface agitation so hopefully improved airflow to the roots will also help i heard it was hard for pythium to survive oxygen rich environments but in the last two weeks ive seen improvement in the roots but no growth on the topside whatsoever i also plan on adding an inline fan with carbon filter and ducting to suck even more air out but its hard to convince my wife to put more money into a system thats not working ive read all the grow manuals and reports im just stuck


A lot more aeration in the reservoir will help a lot.


i hope so im also going to pick up a thermometer for the reservoirs to keep a check on water temps


You have the perfect situation; I do not understand why you are having so many issues. Slow down :slight_smile: Root rot in hydro is hig temps in reservoir.


its my first grow ive had problems since the very beginning i keep upgrading i just found a 6 in inline fan with ducting and a y connector to draw air out of both tents on amazon for 35 dollars then once they go into flowering i can add the carbon filter for 50 and upgrade the inline fan to a 400 cfm for 50 and hopefully that will lower it enough so i can keep them healthy its just a personal grow so the only person out if it doesnt work is me :cry:


With your temps as low as they are it seems most likely an aeration issue. You never mentioned the wattage or air capacity of your air pump. Maybe it is not powerful enough to run all four 5 gallon buckets even with better air stones. Using a standard aquariums specifications for air pumps, in DWC you need twice as much air, so a air pump that is good for a ten gallon aquarium is good for one reservoir that holds 5 gallons max, to kinda give you an idea. Also, when it comes to air, really you can not have too much, you pretty much can’t over do it, except for the impact it may have on electrical usage or possibly adding too much heat. The higher the wattage of the pump, the more heat the unit will release into the immediate environment from it’s motor. Something to consider if the air pump is on the floor or near the buckets, air hose is cheap and putting the air pump outside the confined space to pump cold air from outside directly into the reservoirs might be something to look into as well.


yeah i have an 18 watt commercial pump with six outlets and its outside the grow tent but the cheap 1.50 airstones at walmart suck oh and i did forget to mention the root rot started when they were all four in a blue sterilite tote but ive been measuring them daily with no progress until this morning ive had close to an inch of growth since yesterday and my roots are looking way healthier i moved them into the five gallon buckets because of the root rot but that was two weeks ago and up until one week ago i was flushing them with h2o2 until i got the aquashield i used it twice put some new in yesterday i think thats all it will need hopefully the five gallon buckets and moving the air pump out of the tent and adding the 4 in fan exhausting out with the new airstones on the way maybe i can nurse them back to health they seem like there on the right path now


Yes, they will not grow when they are spending so much energy repairing/healing the roots, new growth is a sign things are on the mend. I think you are correct in you are likely on the right path now.