Root Rot? Please let it not be

So I’m having a conundrum. Haven’t been growing for a minute switched up my nutrients to fox farms hydro doing a DWC with 2 plants 1 random seed and 1 Master Kush from ILGM using a 150w mars hydro light. Biggest problem is I think this is root rot I have had root rot before and it was nowhere near as aggressive so that’s what got me thinking otherwise. Also Ph is going up instead of down like I have dealt with before with root rot. There is also an ac pointed at the reservoirs and keeps them cold.

These pics are 2 days after a reservoir change and I sprayed off the roots because I had noticed some slime but it wasn’t the normal color and I just sprayed the roots before it was a problem. because I’ve delay with this before and it’s horrible.
using this feeding schedule. Plus some hydro guard.
Please let this be not root rot. :heart:Thanks in advance for the help.


I’m going to tag @HappyHydroGrower or @Myfriendis410 for help


It looks strange doesn’t it.

Doesn’t look healthy but I’m a soil grower…

Maybe @NUG61 can shed some light.
I do not think healthy roots look like that though

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I’d say yes. Mine always look white


Yup sorry to say, it is indeed root rot.


With roots like that, I would have to seriously consider whether or not it’ll recover.

How does the plant look?
Do you have picture of the plant?


Plant is looking rough but that was because I left for a few days and oh ramped up to 7.2 while I was gone thought it was that. Been keeping up with the ph and it’s been getting better but now I saw the leaves change overnight and idk how in 2 days it got so bad

I’m going to try and salvage it cleaned the roots off when I was spraying it down they looked like this

Weird never seen it before and my ph is still going up. I sprayed with hydrogen peroxide and put into each reservoir also hope it will be ok not looking optimistic with how aggressive it is.

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@Bighead500. Just a guess here! I think when you changed nutrients, this caused an increase in organics in the reservoir. The organics fed the already high bacteria in the reservoir, and you see the results.
The nutrients that I use for hydro is a blend of organic and synthetic. When using the organic supplement, if I don’t maintain the peroxide charge things go downhill fast.
And of course as you know the reservoir needs to be cool.

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Picture of the plant?

PH won’t cause root rot. Root rot is generally caused by water temp being too warm. Hydroguard is the best thing you can use to combat RR but, even still, water temp has to be within range. 63-72’ish, preferably 68*f.


Current pic


IMO, you have to find a way to get your water cooled off. Growing in 5 gal buckets can be a challenge for this very reason. You have to be able to maintain cool water to grow in.

That’s one of the main reasons I went with rdwc so I could incorporate a water chiller.

Is it an auto plant or photo plant?


That’s rough… I’m curious and hoping you can save them. Let us know how it works out :crossed_fingers:

Definitely RR… I ended up cutting all the roots hanging out of the basket and then emptied the basket of Pebbles and transplanted into soil,but they did survive.



Today… calling it 1st week of flower.


I’d like to know a bit more about your grow. Specifically:

Is it correct to say you are using one 150 watt light for 2 plants?

What is distance between liquid level in the buckets and the bottom of the net pot?

What is your rez temp?

What is TDS of nutrient mix? If you don’t already, you need a PH and TDS meter. And use them.

DWC is problematic and requires a lot of attention daily. RDWC changes that to once a week (or more) depending on rez size. As stated, a chiller is likely necessary.

And yes, that’s root rot. Sorry.


Thanks @HappyHydroGrower and @Myfriendis410!

@Bighead500 you’re in good hands now :slight_smile:


If I keep my temps low with an air conditioning pointed at the buckets and the temps stay at low 60s.

Just an update though. Soaked in hydrogen peroxide while I cleaned everything and then flushed system for an hour. After that I trimmed the plants down to just the healthy leaves and cleaned both buckets and air stones again before using the Boomerang Comeback formula. I will let that go for 3-4 days and if there is some comeback I will continue either plant no matter which one. If not will scrap and start 2 new plants. I’m gonna create a grow journal and will use that for here on out.

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