Root rot on my RQS CRITICAL OHHH NO!


I haven’t argue as critical is 3 weeks old and been doing just fine got up this morning with a little case of root rot I am using hydro guard and protect 15 mL of each with plain pH water to try to flush any other suggestions


That’s supposed to say I have a rqs critical


Here are a couple of photos look like it’s getting better was a lot worse but I am open for any Quick Fix suggestions


The little guy beside it is an og skunk # 1



What are your water and air temps…? :wink:

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Water temp has never gotten above 69 to 71 room temperature has never gotten above 75 or below 68 I keep a 12in 3 speed normal oscillating fan blowing from the bottom up through the plant blowing the heat off of the light the very tops of the plants under the light the canopy has never seen attempt over 78 degrees a few minutes ago I just ordered a 6-inch inline fan with carbon filter the place at the top of the plant to see if I can pull a little more off I have plenty of space and my viparspectra 300 doesn’t put off that much light and the buckets are completely blacked out and this happened about 10 hours a day or a reservoir change before that they were just as nice as could be the plant itself is showing no signs of stress


My room temps get up to 80 deg with no issues and I run rdwc units with no issues… :wink:

I use GH 3 part nutrients with Humboldt additives with no issues… :wink:
+hydroguard and orca… :wink:

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Yeah I have a green crack that has no problem and its 3 weeks in on the flowering

Here’s a couple of pick of them


Here’s my other table 1 week since light flip… :wink:

Your temps don’t seem to crazy… what are your ppm’s and pH… :wink:

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Was that a 6.19 realized it liked it a little closer 2 5.7 to 5.9 ppm is at 550


I keep pH as close to 5.5 as possible , but let it drift for a couple of days before fixing it back to 5.5… :wink:
Ppm Is close to 700 for these girls… I will slowly increase this as time goes on… :wink:

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Yeah yesterday was my second Reservoir change on it and I had it at 500 and was going to go ahead and take it to 750 but when I got up this morning the root rot was showing which there was no sign of it at all last night they were just as healthy as the other ones that I have so I instantly did a reservoir change add a little more protect and a little more hydraguard and lower the PPM back down to the 500 to 550 I will increase again once root problem dissipates


I can’t show you root pics because I can’t look at them really. … I just keep everything else in check and don’t worry about the lil things… :wink:
Always works out… :wink:

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thank you for the advice kind of puts my mind at ease


What are your water temps… ?
What size is your air pump… ?
What size air stones are you using. …?
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My water temps are at 68 never been about 70 and I have a 150 to 60 gallon air pump where they 2 inch air stone I’m going to upgrade all that in the next couple of days going to go to an industrial air pump


Here is a pic of my green crack the roots on it are Immaculate and same size

air pump and it’s 3 weeks into flowering


These came out of my over flow cloner … :wink:

Roots will bounce back just like the plant does… :wink:

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Now you’re really putting my mind at ease yeah that hydroguard his already going to work their 40% better already I just don’t want to lose that guys beautiful