Root development

I have several years of indoor and outdoor grows over 10-years.

I have heard but never found that the root-ball approximates plant height and diameter; my 6’x6’ and larger outdoor plants never even come close to this supposed ratio. Sounds like a myth.

If planted in an 8’L x 4’W x 2’D box (outdoors) will the 2’ depth impede the plant’s size or can the ample room laterally for root development make up for this lack of depth?

My planting boxes are 4’x4’ and 20” deep. I’ve got some NL plants that are at least 4’ tall and as big around. In my opinion, 2’ deep will be fine. I’ve seen people grow 10’ tall plants in 5 gal buckets.


box described will handle your plants easily

How many weeks in before transitioning out of the smaller 4-6" pots? I don’t see roots coming out of the bottom yet. About 2 1/2-3 weeks in. Just starting into veg. Didn’t want to wait to long, but also not to soon.

If you want tall plants get Purple Haze seeds and you see how high that babys can grow. I grow indoor and mines are 6 foot 9 inches from top of the pot.