Root control for hydroponic growth in my 5 gallon bucket

Should i cut the roots from my plant to make room for more oxygen to get at my roots? My 5 gallon bucket is filled with roots .

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A better option would be to move the plant to a larger bucket. I had this same problem in 3 gallon buckets over my winter grow. My solution was to get some cheap 14 gallon totes at Walmart, cut a hole in the top of them, and just take the lid off of my 3 gallon bucket and put it on top of the tote. The 14 gallon tote holds around 8 gallons of water… a 5 gallon bucket you can put maybe 3 gallons in it with the net pot on it.

But if you don’t have that option, I am not sure what I would do… I probably wouldn’t cut any roots. I think I’d just be adding water every day.

Another option would be to consider building a simple DIY RDWC system so you can have an external reservoir. What’s your grow room setup?

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Kthanks fpr the help