Root what?


Y’all believe she is root bound…what can I do for her???

I need to save her…

Thanks in advance.

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Get your self a larger pot and transplant her a.s.a.p
Can you do that ?


WOW…that might be difficult. She is in a 3-4 gallon pot now. I am fearful I will damage her but I will have to try to save her. Should I not water her then transplant her? She is still wet 2 inches down.
She quickly changed when I changed her lights!! :frowning:


Get a 5-7 gallon Fabric pot , it won’t get root bound again and will help with over waterer’s ( like myself lol) Do the Spock finger thing with the stem in the middle and tip her upside down. Put in new pot , back fill and done.


I know what horrors you are worrying about when trying to lift and transplant a big size pot, if you can get someone to help!! Also i believe drying her out some will help with removing pot away from roots easier…im still a learner tho :slight_smile:

I tried doing a transplant on my own the girl was hefty, i split her roots in half, mid transplant, i was devo’d, i popped her in the bigger size pot, filled her and hoped for the best…she is blooming now :slight_smile:

You got this :ok_hand:


Personally, I’m growing in a 2 gallon pot and I havent encountered any of the issues of being rootbound. I cant even stick my finger 1/8th of an inch into the soil without encountering a massive root ball. My plants couldn’t grow anymore roots if they tried. But if you think that’s the issue, go for it. It would only help, if you do it properly.


She’s in a 5 gallon fabric bag.
Didn’t see evidence of root bound.
So I watered her…now just wait.
I did “bend” down some branches…I pray she springs back!!!


@Not2L82Lrn I just harvested my 4 foot Sativa that grew in a 3 gal pot. Let me show you root bound, this is incredible.

These ladies are survivors. I have no clue what she was living on.


Wow!!! Mine was nothing even close to that!!
Not sure what’s wrong with her.


@Not2L82Lrn How old is she and what are you giving her? I think I might know. If my girl can grow with that mass don’t worry about being root bound. The most important thing to know is make sure she is damp throughout because being in a pot the soil tends to get compacted and you want to prevent that at all costs. If you will answer those couple of questions, I am pretty sure we can get this fixed. Can you get regular color photos. It’s hard to tell when they are dressed in purple!


I’m a firm believer being rootbound is not a thing with a healthy plant. My plants that are growing now are going to look like that and I have had 0 signs of being rootbound except having to feed more to keep them happy. They are in 2 gal pots max, and when I water I can see roots taking over the top of the soil, and under the pot they are about 4" out of the pot. I cant stick my finger in the soil at all that’s how hard the root ball is.


That’s what makes for a healthy plant… roots , roots , roots… for real… you want tree trunks… :wink:
That’s how they eat…

Root development early… key… :wink:


Yes, but one way to keep a plant small is with a smaller pot.if I dont want a 4’ plant I wouldn’t use a pot for a 4’ plant


I’ve grown a bunch of plants in a tray with less then a 6 ince pot in soil under 12 cfls and yielded 3/4 a pound of quality medicine…
You really just need to stay on top of watering schedules… when growing in small pots… they were just 1 foot colas , but very good medicine… I just had to watch them like crazy because alls they were was roots… no more soil… ebb n flow basically… :wink:



I definitely agree, maintaining a rootbound plant is going to be a lot more difficult in the long run compared to one that is not, that’s for sure. And you are definitely more likely to run in to overfeeding, underfeeding and watering issues.


@Aolelon I use a metal rod I call the poker and I would poke and poke. I took me almost 45 minutes to water her, apparently without any problem! Last year I grew a 7 foot girl in a 5 gal bucket.


Yea I’m going to harvest my plants this weekend I think and I’m just waiting to see what the roots look like. It’s going to be absolutely glorious


Wish I had pics of the grow… nobody believes me … on yield… :grin:
Stupid… why share…:wink:
These are Plants that I need to cut down… :grin:
I think I will cut them down tomorrow , maybe… :roll_eyes:



@Aolelon never did have problems I don’t feed until they are just starting to flower at about 3 months, I use gypsum which is a surfactant that allows water to break the surface tension of the soil so I can maintain a well balanced moisture, not dry, not wet. I flush every night and my gals have stood up to 109’ in plastic buckets


@peachfuzz Don’t ask me to trim!! Wow. It’s only me so I grow not for quantity.