Root behaving oddly

This is a THC bomb seed i planted 1/4inch under the soil after germination. What the hell is going on here? the root came up and looks like went back down.

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Not sure what happened, future reference it helps more with regular light rather than,a blue, pink, or purple spectrum.

Led spectrum’s make it hard to see and puts alot of strain on peoples eyes

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The root came up and hooked back down into the ground… Is this normal?

It happens…

Seed tales will correct themselves, and start growing the right way down. I think you’ll be fine, and wont even know it happened, as soon as the cotyledon show.


@Aquaponic_Dumme is correct and has you covered with great advise


I covered it with a bit of soil just so the root is not exposed. Would the light hurt the root? I planted stem up is tht correct?

Does not matter gravity will run its coarse and drag roots down. If the root gets to much light yes it can be damaging


Never seen that before - Weird plant

Normally when I plant my seeds i put the taproot facing down. As @Majiktoker stated gravity will take over and tell the root which way to grow.

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i squeezed the cups a bit and softened the soil up. I now can see the head of the Headband OG. Hopefully all works out.

I sifted around to look for the head and it was under a soil rock. So hopefully now itll pop up.