Root ball and soil container

I did my first grow last summer and had a decent crop I feel like! I made some mistakes but I did survive it.
When I dumped the soil from my 5 gal buckets the root balls were hardly bigger than a softball. I read somewhere that if a plant is getting enough nutrients it will not develop a big root ball since it finds all the nutrients it needs with what it grows.
Having said that…why could you not grow two plants per 5 gallon bucket, or even three?
My room is 3.5’ x 3.5’ (12.25sf) and I intend to use 4 5 gal buckets. I have an adjustable ballast for my MH and HPS lights and plan to add 4 LED spots, centered above the four buckets.
Anyone have thoughts?

I suppose you could, but with proper care you can have one plant in a bucked yield as much as 3 undeveloped… I tried this with my tomatoes and I am opting for one large healthy plant now instead of two competing for everything…
I hope this helps…
Happy growing…


I hear what you are saying about the idea of the plants competing. I was concerned about this as well. When I dumped last years soil and found that small root ball I thought it might be feasible to do multiple plants per 5 gal bucket.
Thanks for the response!!

Your welcome, happy growing !!!

Glad I found this topic just started on my next grow germinate these round 3/20 this seed don’t know what strain it is was given to me when I took it from paper towel the tap root was bout 1 1/2 long longest I ever seen and when it came up this is what I got if it turns out to be female was thinking of putting in 5 or 7 gallon pot

I have grown up to 5 plants in one 3 1/2 gallon bucket … but I was using self watering buckets with a built in Reservoir… they compete for water more than anything else… if you can stay on top of the watering and the feeding you won’t have a problem… :wink: I do it in dwc every now and then just because I never have a problem , they always have water… :wink:

Understand that when I do this , all the plants are clones of the same mother plant… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the input. Your experience reinforces my thinking regarding the plants competing. I have 4 different kinds of seeds and thought about putting two plants in each of 4, 5 gallon buckets.That would be 8 plants in soil, in a room that is 3.5’ square. Eight plants in 12.25 sf?! I saw that Robert raised 9 white widows in 16 sf but they all had individual pots. I plan on doing a scrog which seemed to work well for me last time.
Maybe I will do different arrangements and see how they do. That would be first hand experience and then I should have my answer.

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Do you cut off a female stem with leaf and clone that.