Root aphid or fungus gnat

Can anyone tell me if this is a root aphid or a fungus gnat? Ive looked through pictures and cant tell the difference. I let my soil top dry before watering but have recently added auto watering pots from ac infinity. Wondering if that is part of my problem.
Thanks in advance

I’m gonna go with fungus gnats, as root aphds are teeny tiny. Looks kinda like a mosquito.

Thanks for the info, I came home from work last night and found plenty more on my sticky traps. After looking at those ones I agree fungus gnats. Wings are about the same length as the body. Treated with diatomaceous earth and will proceed with mosquito dunks after they get a good dry out.

@Zhigaag That is not root aphids or gnats need better picture if possible to see what it is don’t think its bad bug though my friend happy growing

@Reed71 I’ll post better pictures tonight after work, but they are definitely doing some dirty work on the main plant they’ve taken up residence in.

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@Zhigaag ok it looks like assassin bug but not sure i would get some captain jacks dead bug for treatment

@Reed71 is that safe during flower? I’m on week four. I was looking at stuff last night that were sprays but get nervous about them right now. I guess if I’m just spraying soil maybe that’d be alright?

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@Zhigaag Yes it is some will disagree but I’ve used it are they eating on leaves

@Reed71 Just looked up assassin bugs, thats not the culprit. They aren’t eating leaves, but I have what appear to be deficiencies that I couldnt figure out. Good PH, feeding nutes regularly nothing crazy with the environment, than i found these guys. I have three plants going and they seem to be preferring just the one for now. Thats what leads me to think they are gnawing on the roots.

@Zhigaag I don’t think you have anything to worry about if you have gnat or root aphids you would see them all over top of soil plus you can scratch around top of soil to see

@Reed71 I hope so, like I said before I’ll post more pics after work for you to look at. I appreciate your feedback and help.

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Heres more pics.
Im making a dent in them but had to water, so hopefully, that doesn’t revive them.

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