Room Setup Recommendations

Hi everyone, I’ve been here on the forums for the last 3 weeks, just reading and reading and reading trying to get as much information as possible for my setup.

I already ordered some seed from ILGM and while everything arrives I am setting up my room. I have previous experience with hydroponics and I decided to go with aeroponics, but after reading all the information available here I have some doubts about my setup. The next link shows my room 5ft W x 7ft L x 7ft H and i am planning to use the scrog method due to my restrictions with the space.

As you guys can see I have 2 ideas, one to use it an area of 2.5ft wide and another to go all the way to 3ft. The goal is to have 4 plants for that setup. I am not buying a mylar tent, I will be covering the walls with mylar myself. on all sides to help with the light and to control the environment.

So here are my questions:

1st Which distribution should I use, the 2.5ft wide or the 3ft wide.
2nd Base on the distribution what lights you guys recommend (I am thinking on building my own in the future but something that will do for now)

For the lights I’ve been leaning towards 4 VIPARSPECTRA 600W and maybe add some 10w LED Bulbs 4K for vegetative state and replace those for 3K for the flowering stage.

I guess that is all for now. Any other recommendation that you guys wanna offer will be gladly received.

Other details not referent to the questions:

2 Carbon Filters 4" (intake and exhaust)
2 Fans (push pull) for airflow inside the mylar area.
Developing a full control system (temp, humidity, light control, irrigation using a raspberry PI)


Well hello @EnjoyW33D and welcome to the forums and thus the community I’m stoked your going with aeroponics! I want to watch closely please keep us updated I’ll share my knowledge and tag those that can help provide other opinions.

The recommendation is at least 2x2 per plant and with good lighting and a good system (which you’ll have push for 2.5x2.5 if you can have the space bit you can crush 2x2 really fast and flip fast so you don’t have to go to the 2.5x2.5 if it’s to much space for your situation.

Don’t buy vipars or amazon junk.
Option one would of course be build your own or
google “Kingbrite grow light” it will bring you to Alibaba (amazon of China), get lights from these guys they are 100% legit I have them other members do and other people on other forums do. I would suggest using their strip/bar lighting for a nice even canopy if your going to SCOG.
Lights will be #1 cost but totally worth it you can’t cheap out on lights it will cost you so much in the long run you will regret not heeding my advice and I want you and your aeroponics grow to go well.

Sounds like you understand automation a bit so I won’t both you with telling you need controllers.

I’m watching your thread, please feel free to directly get my attention by @ Nicky as it will notify me.


Ps @Jstar has experience in low pressure aeroponics he may be able to assist you with your system


I’m no expert, so my only advice would be go for the 3x3 area, seems like a much better situation for four plants.

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I know nothing of aeroponic grows. I dont even fully understand the science behind it, but it is highly alluring to me. So i will be following for sure, probably wont be able to contribute too much, though. @Nicky is a great resource, as well as many others here! Welcome and good luck!


Aeroponics works great for growing cannabis. As long as you can keep the PH and water temp under control, you can expect fast growth and a healthy harvest.
HLG is pretty much the gold standard for lights around here. They are fantastic lights.
If you want to build your own, pacific lighting concepts makes some amazing strips.
The space would depend on how your system would fit. Do you have any pics of the system you are planning on using?

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Thanks to everybody for the recommendations.

I checked the KingBrite light but sadly those are out of my reach at the moment I’ll buy those after the holidays, for now I found at a store a 4ft x 3 inch LED lamps 125 real wats, 10000 lumens 4000K Color, they light is pretty intense and I am planing to mount 3 or 4 in parallel to cover an area of 2.5ft x 5ft. Then I will need to add some red lights for flowering stage. Right now I am waiting for the mist nozzles to arrive so I can start doing some tests and the mylar fabric to enclose the area. My plan is to have the room ready for next week.

For now I am reading about the ph, temp, and ec of the water.

Ill keep you guys posted here of the progress.