Room, Ready, Germination Done, Next step

First of all thanks to all that helped me with the room recommendations on this post:

Ok, finally after the holidays and waiting for some money I finished my setup 2 weeks ago. I have the high pressure pump,. stainless steel misters, the water heater for the reservoir, the humidifier, lights (had to use some 4000ºK 12000 Lumens LED x 4 (didn’t have enough money for the good ones, and eventually I will build my own).

I started germinating 10 days ago and after 36 hours I saw the roots coming out and the plant start growing.

For nutrients I am using the FloraSeries and using this feed chart

I did a flush like 1 hour ago, early I started the week 2 and I fked up using the recirculating table instead of the drain to waste (I am still watering manually because I don’t see roots out and not entirely sure if I should move them and start using the aeroponics system when I came back to check I noted one of the plants showing signs of nutrient burn so I rechecked and lower the ppm from 1300 to 650 as indicated on the feeding table. Here are some pics to ilustrate.

Now my question is: Based on the pictures should I move them into the bins and start using the aeroponic system or should I wait until I start seeing the roots popping on the sides of the canister.

Extra Info:

Plant Type: 2 Super Skunk, 2 Gold Leaf (All from ILGM) in the pictures the first 2 are SSK.
Soil: Coconut Coir + Perlite.
Light Cycle: 18/6
Humidity 45% ~ 55%
Temp: 23.8ºC / 75.0ºF
Current feeding: Week 2 of the table posted above. 10ml every morning, don’t want to risk messing the roots because too much water.

Any other recommendations I’ll greatly appreciate.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Ups info that I forgot.

I am using distilled water for everything, and I am keeping the nutrients bottled at 22ºC / 77ºF.