Rookie's first run


Will be following along bro can’t wait to see the girl grow up to be proper ladies :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


Sounds like a great start to me . I never tamp much and almost always end up adding more after a few waterings


I don’t tamp at all let the water settle my soil and then I top off for the first few watering as well @Oldstoner


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
The girls have appointments for haircuts this week…
Here’s a few snaps of the first two that I just topped. My buddy stopped by last night and demo’d supercropping for me - so I gave it a try with these first two, let’s see how that goes.



091117 Tops

Going to give the other five girls a few more days as the fourth set of nodes just popped on those.



Lovin’ the 3gal pots and their new light.
The girls have really expanded in the four days since the transplant. Absolutely no signs of shock and certainly doesn’t appear to be any stunting of their growth. Big fat luscious Indy leaves.

091117 Tent

We’re going to need a bigger tent…
Can’t wait to bring that up at the dinner table.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Oldstoner @dbrn32 @Hogmaster - The disappearing garden budha…

I’ll NEVER not top again… 5 of the 7 photos were topped a few days ago and they’ve just exploded sideways… Checked the tops today and they’re showing growth in multiple directions already. Awesome.
At this point they are all organic (meaning just the medium that I mixed/planted). Only fertilizer feedings so far have been fish fertilizer 5-1-1 (started @ 1/4 strength - twice a week).

091617 Tent

Two more to be topped this week.

@Countryboyjvd1971 Dude - your gl scrog looks sweet… My net is on the way.
@Laurap - you have the best looking BOM candidate I’ve seen so far - go for it.

The autos adjusted really well to that cheapo hydro setup. Definitely going to use that again - maybe for a single plant though.

Autos 091617



Thank you for the kind words. My first grow. Voting starts the 21st & mama needs some seeds! Lol


I’ll jump into the voting - you can count mine. Good luck.


Awesome, Harvey hurt us for $ as won’t have work bldg fixed till Jan. Thanks so much!


Voting starts 21st


Oooo clones!


Sorry for the ask again. What is FF & FFOF? Is there a dictionary of terms or abbreviations somewhere? If not can we start one? Oh wait I remember one FF is Fox Farms right?



FF = Fox Farms
FFHF = Fox Farms Happy Frog
FFOF = Fox Farms Ocean Forest


How do u know which to use?


FFOF is a hotter soil then FFHF.

Most people that use FF soil use FFOF once the plant is put in its forever pot. Some start with it with seedlings and have no problems, and others get nute burn. Probably has more to do with the experience of the grower.
I started my seedling in FFHF and then when tramsplanted to final home,layered with FFOF on the bottom half of the pot, and put FFHF on top of it so the plants could grow into the hotter soil as the roots grew deeper.

Its probably cheaper to grow in FFOF because there is enough nutes in the soil to last 5 weeks or so before having to add nutes.
I think @bob31 grew his Blueberrys in FFHF the whole grow?


I actually am doing 2 BBA (Blueberry Autos) a GL (Gold Leaf) and a GG (Gorilla Glue) all in FFHF and I did need to add nutes a little sooner than I did when I did my last grow in FFOF but it was a bit gentler on the younger sprouts!

FF does sell a seedling starter as well, but it is a soil less mix and I think it is better to stay all soil or all soil less in a grow! Thanks for the tag @Rugar89 @PHamm


I’d have to disagree there I’ve been growing for some time without any trouble and the only seeds I’ve had trouble starting in ffof or ffhf are GSCX . But I’ve been growing 20 years so maybe lack of experience


I am trying to clone those tops!
I did not have any rooting gel at the time, so I used Azos and followed the directions. So far they are still alive but very limp…

I probably should have grabbed a rooting hormone specific to cuttings but we’ll see.


Things are looking pretty good in the tent this week…
091817 Tent

All five of the autos are flowering and are under the full spectrum 300w led to finish. I am hoping these finish in the next week or two - I need the space…

The photos are just amazing. The stems on a few of these plants are almost 1/2" thick - and they’re only like 8-10" high right now after topping the last few days. I pulled the two “runts” and placed them in my starter pit under 4 4’ 6500k LED’s to continue vegging while the autos finish.

Trelis net is on the way - props to @Niala for the scrog tutorial link. My next adventure.

@Countryboyjvd1971 my ups NOG package is due for delivery today. Can you tell me what week you started using those nutes on your new grow…? Just wondering if you started them a little earlier or later than you would have if you were using FF nutes.? These photos are four weeks above soil and so far only get fish fert twice per week right now.

@dbrn32 the canopy is coming along much better since the cfl’s were pulled and the 2nd LED was added. Adding that second light I think really helped get more light through to the base of the plants. - Thanks!

(edited as I miff’d dbrn’s tag…)


You’re welcome @RookieReefer :innocent:

Nice setting and your plants seems healthy and every thing seems to going well :grinning::+1::ok_hand:

Keep the good work :+1::ok_hand::wink: