Rookie's first run



I do it like this


@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 - Thanks man!

I was going to use another method altogether - but I’m not going to hesitate to try this method first. Interesting that he washes, hangs before a fan then trims before hanging longterm. I’m in. I like the idea of the H2O2. I’m sure the wife has some tuperware around here somewhere…

I was going to use 3 buckets: (quite a few utube vids)
1st w/ 1cup Lemon Juice, 1cup Baking Soda and water
2nd Bucket Hot tap water
3rd Bucket Ice Cold tap water

I’ll let you guys know how it goes Thursday night.


Perfect @Hogmaster thanks for the video brother :+1:


Update on the autos…

@14days above soil I think they look really good. The smallest plant is actually 8days old. Maybe another three or four days before they are ready to be topped. I have two NL’s, two AH and on BB so I’m going to top one NL and one AH. Let’s see if I do it right, and if it makes a difference in my grow.

They were watered this morning with a diluted Azos/water mix for the first time. Mykos was used when we put seeds to soil. Azos once per week watered in, and we’ll then dust the root balls on transplant.

The “pod” leaves are still intact/healthy/green so I am holding back on any nutes for a few more days - then will start them on a 1/4 potency feeding schedule w/ FF.

Up until tonight, the tent/LED setup has been running 24x7 under veg lighting. Tonight at 6pm I’ll set the timer and we go to 18/6 for the autos. Unless anyone thinks that is too early…?

@PHamm Recharged and placed a DIY CO2 generator 'cause what the hell I had the ingredients. I’m probably going to pickup a grow bag when I go to grab my bags of FFOF for transplant into the 3gal containers.







And the gift seedlings are doing well - those that made it anyway. Like I said he probably had those seeds in water a lot longer than 48hrs before he handed them to me in a baby food jar. Anyway, I’ve got seven photos above soil and basking under the fluorescent lights now (180w about 2" above the plants - they seem to love it…). They are 24x7 right now. They are all pretty much the same, here’s a snap of two. Doing everything I can to keep these from stretching - right now the stalks are less than 3/4" long before the pod leaves start.



24hrs before we wash/trim and hang the “first run ladies”…



Four days of darkness.
Ready for a wash, trim and hang…

Time to Wash


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster Thanks again.


Woohoo @RookieReefer


Nice job buddy


I would really like to read that link on topping/dimming autos (as well as other threads) but it starts at the bottom on my iPhone 6 w >1200 comments. Isn’t there a way to start at the beginning w/o having to scroll incessantly w my fingers?


Thoughts on bud washing.

That was an experience that I never could have imagined going through when I started those bag seeds in the spring. @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 you guys rock! The H2O2 method was very easy to perform and YES I could see the powdery mildew floating to the top. Great experience man.

Hang after wash

20mins in front of the fan to get most of the water drops off, then first trim and hang. Awesome.


@garrigan65 did a whole thread on it @PHamm I’ll see if I can find the link for you
@RookieReefer nice job :+1: Woohoo


Here is the blog on fimming/ trimming etc

Here is @garrigan65 grow the @Countryboyjvd1971 was referring to


lower right hand corner where it says post xx of xxxx tap on that and use the scroll @PHamm

On my Google browser on my phone it in a light blue box lower right corner


**strong text**Ok, I c now. Thank you

Now another ? Sorry, off topic. This should be an FAQ I realize but I’m asking here because I see the issue here. That is " how are you able to make the red circle around a picture or in this case those numbers in your post?


Update on the Autos and Tent setup.

The pod leaves on the autos are quickly turning yellow. Just two days ago they were green and appeared healthy. Tomorrow they will get their first FF feeding at 1/4 potentcy. The growth rate of these autos is pretty cool to watch. Each has reached four nodes now - but the top is still so short/compact I don’t think I can top yet…?

I pulled the three Blue 35w spots out and replaced them with some CFLs. I plan to double up on the 450w LED I have in the next week or so. For now, I did a job last week for someone that had me replace two ceiling fans. They saw trash, I saw an addition to my tent lighting. Temp dropped 7degrees inside the tent after pulling the spots and putting up these fixtures I pulled from the bottom of the ceiling fans. Those 23w CFLs throw some serious light @ 69w per fixture. I think these will work great for side lighting later in the grow.


082617 Tent 450w LED 138w CFL

Moved the autos (red cups) into the grow spot and have moved the 7 photos (white cups) into the tent under the LED/CFLs. It’s tight right now, but once I double up on the LED lights I can spread them out more in prep for the 3gal pots.



Update on the autos:

At 22 days the growth seems to have slowed and it appears that at least two are starting to pre-flower - and they’re only like 8-10" high… Waited way too long to top/fimm these so looking to try that with the photos.

090317 Tent Close

I need to move them into larger containers within the next day or two.

Second LED is in route - if my autos are in pre-flower (@ 22 days…) I’m going to have to split these ladies up soon. Thanks to some tips from @dbrn32 in another thread I’ve modified the reflectors for the cfls so more of the bulb surface is facing the plants and more is being reflected back - far less loss of light w/ two less bulbs.:+1:

090317 Tent

60% RH

The autos got a FF feeding today @ 2/3 strength (22 days old).
The photos got a 2/3 feeding of fish/water (16 days old).



Looks pretty good! Do you feel there’s a noticeable difference in the light on your canopy?


Well, we’re still working on the canopy itself - but absolutely more light on the canopy and through to the stem/base of the plants. That’s pretty much what I want out of the cfls. The LED is nice but penetration to the bases seems to be marginal. The seedling photos are really digging the new cfl setup though. At 16days above soil they are starting to scare me as two are similar in size to the 22day old autos…

Autos were moved into larger pots tonight. They were root bound so at least I know why the growth had slowed. A little more mykos/azos and we’ll see how they look in a few days. Lesson learned - autos require an accelerated schedule in regards to transplant/top/fimm.

transplant 090317
transplant close 090317

Thanks again man - that was an easy upgrade on the cheap.


That’s great!

The led’s should outperform the cfl watt for watt, so I’m not really sure what would be going on there. The important part is that you’re happy with the changes in the fluorescent light. I was confident it would be better, as I have done similar types of lights in the past. But it’s not always easy to change stuff on random Internet forum advice either.

You can probably work on adjusting the height of your led some as your plants start to mature. Sometimes when it’s too high you’ll see it provide poor penetration. As you lower it the light intensity will increase. Just keep in mind that the footprint will get smaller as well.

You may have a little better luck with starting autos in the pot you plan to finish them in. When transplanted properly, it shouldn’t be a very big deal. But the stalling on growth in a small pot and then adjusting to bigger pot can slow them down a little. If they go into flower without compensating for that period, you’ll lose out on some potential harvest. I think 3 gallon would work, but it would probably be best to check with some of the members growing autos regularly.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32
It’s graduation day! Photos and Autos all in new 3gal fabric pots under their newly added 300w LED.
090817 Tent

450w ViparSpectra
300w ViparSpectra
6" DuctFan In
6" DuctFan Out
Carbon Filter/Fan/Kit (is in route - 'cause I think this run of photos is gonna reak…)

I’m a bit disappointed in the autos flowering @4weeks and @ ~10" in height… Probably on me more than anything else. Growth rate was so accelerated @ start that I missed my opp to top/fimm early on as suggested by some seniors. I had a cheapo hydro setup from my kids growing veggies years ago - so I dropped three of the autos into it a few days ago. They seem to be doing better. I know, more than one plant per container is usually not a good idea.

Opted to make my own mix as opposed to using FFOF. There are a few recipes that have been posted by some of the notables (@garrigan65 @Oldstoner) that I used to base off of.
2 parts ProMix
1 part Vermiculite
1 part Perlite
1 part Coco Coir
1/4 part DE
1/8 part Blood Meal

Mix was light and fluffy - maybe too lite…? Seems to be compacting more as time passes - I may need to add more (should have tamped it a little tighter before adding plants I guess). It’s going to take me a few days to adjust to watering the larger fabric pots.

Also want to say that the Mykos/Azos combo used during germ and the 1st repot were an absolute improvement over what I saw on my previous run done without using them. The root systems of the autos AND the photos planted weeks after were unbelievable. I should have snapped some pics of them during the repot - too excited or too medicated, can’t really be sure.