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So week 1 down. I’m going to do a weekly growth comparison. Maybe in the process, some of you experienced guys can give me any tips or red flags.

I dropped the seeds Monday. The only thing they have gotten is a light watering daily. Temp ranges between 69 to 80 degrees. Humidity is mid to high 70s most days. I have a dehumidifier for future purposes.

Here’s the weekly comparison

They aren’t growing slowly are they? I’m not rushing them but I do want to make sure I’m not stunting the growth in any way.


The energy is going to to developing the roots.
One way to get them down to the bottom is putting those cloth pots in plant saucers…put your water in the plant saucers and let them (the soil) wick the water up into the soil. Do a little at a time and 5-10 minutes later is should all be wicked up. Then add a little more and so on this way the roots seek down to the moisture.
When mine are that young that is mostly how I water them…some from the top but mostly wicking


Thanks for the quick reply. Don’t know why I didn’t order any saucers. I’m sure I got something around here to make do.


Yes that’s a a good way, or I would say just be patient the seedlings stage is a time sensitive process. Sometimes I Get impatient and start wording my self or over doing LST and I be snapping branches lol smh I had to fix one last night I was so bummed but it reminded me to be patient and not to try and do to much at one time

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I think of you keep your soil moist when dry and don’t over water keep the humidity between 50-60% you’ll be good oh and give it good light

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Day 10:

Ok a minor update. I ended up moving the plants off of the box and on to something more stable because the box started leaning in the middle. Now my seedlings are doing all sorts of leans :joy:. I also moved the lights down to about 24-25” above the plants. Let’s see if it’ll make a difference for now.

Also, we have a new member in the house.


Great looking family member

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Here we go with week two. Not too much of a difference as far as what I’ve been doing. I’ve been spritzing them daily when they look dry and checking for differing signs.

I still have a couple weeks of just watering,I believe. When it comes to nutrients and autos, I might have a few questions and humbly request assistance, good sirs and madams.


You shouldnt need any nutes in this stage the soil should be good at least for the first 30 days but it looks healthy


Normally the seedlings have all the nutes they need for that stage you want to be careful adding anything to the soil unless it’s like liquid seaweed or anything

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did your baby come from a breeder or rescue? so beautiful


@Loudpack I’ve been reading up and I think I have about another two weeks of just watering. I have nutes but don’t want to burn them. Trying to keep user error to a minimum lol.

@pptrsha1 she came from someone who couldn’t take care of her because her life/puppy life doesn’t gel with her being a nurse. So here we are. She’s a joy!


she looks 12 weeks old.

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What’s the straw like structure on top your light?

Heatsinks for the COB’s


That’s cool I was just wondering I haven’t seen that style before

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Hey @repins12 your name is in pic above…Gary…just FYI

Thanks brother. It’s gone now. Didn’t realize it. :+1: :v:

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Yea I’ve done that before too…now I pretend I’m the FCC monitoring the super bowl half time for wardrobe malfunctions before I post my pics taken at home…lol


I’m already outta likes for the day but, thanks. I have tagged you into my journals, haven’t I? If not, I will, I intended to but, get a little side tracked sometimes :+1: :v: