Rookie. What to do now?

So I’ts my 1st grow and another issue. So I had 1 ILGM bubble gum photo and 3 random seeds going. About a month ago I realized one of the random was an auto. A male auto. I got rid of it but it was to late I guess. I happen to drop my fan when moving it this morning and broke a bubble gum branch so I checked it out more closely and there’s seeds in the buds.
So what do I do now? Will the seeds be good to grow with? The other 2 random seed plants look great too it would be awesome if those seeds will still be half way decent @KeystoneCops do you have any knowledge in this field?

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Ide say as long as the seeds were pollinated by a true male plant and a good clean female plant carries them then they are good to go… if it was just a hermie plant that pollinated them then most of the offspring will carry the same hermie genes

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What @Teffygreenthumb wrote is basically correct. I have questions about the provenance of the pollen, but free seeds are free seeds.

May I suggest setting those seeds aside, and being more intentional about a seed run. ILGM doesn’t currently offer regular seeds, but you can feminize a female of buy regular seeds from another seedbank. There are even regular autoflower seeds available from a few breeders.

What leads you to believe the male plant was an autoflower?

@PharmerFred I just wanted to say I feel your pain. Dropped a fan and broke a branch on a female in August. Sutured itself back together after some jerry-rigging. Good luck man

@KeystoneCops what lead me to believe it was an auto is because it started flowering while I had it on a 20/4 light cycle. I tossed it the day I put the others to 12/12. I didn’t identify the male soon enough and toss it I guess. I’m definitely trying the seeds out regardless the one plant that was a random has huge fat juicy buds. Way larger then any others I have going and I never cloned it so hopefully some seeds will work out for me. So. Do I let my plants go a week longer in flower to make sure the seeds are done right??

You pulled the male plant on August 31st.

Looking at your photos, I don’t see flowers on your other plants as recently as as September 10th.

Pollen can survive until it gets wet, and even then it might be active. The surefire way to neutralize it is to wipe down the walls/surfaces with 10:1 water:bleach.

I’m just very suspicious that the male plant you pulled didn’t seed your crop. Are you confident your tent doesn’t have light leaks?

No light leaking in at all. I guess I am going to take everything out and wipe everything down. And then do I continue finish growing these plants out so I can try to utilize the seeds?

How have you determined that?

@KeystoneCops super disappointed with my first grow Good thing I have some plants on deck to go in the tent next. Today I’m gonna wipe everything down with alcohol wipes While I have everything out of my area I am going to check for leaks of light and double check everything twice Now I just need to know whether or not my flowering plants will contaminate if I put them back in tent when I’m done cleaning it? So upset at myself for this mess

You can just wash the plants off with water. Just make sure they don’t get too hot or cold, and keep air moving around them while they dry.

Do you want to know how I go about checking for light leaks?

Don’t beat yourself up. Seeded flowers are not the end of the world; for a long time seeded herb was all most of us had.


@KeystoneCops I’d love to know how you check for leaks. I’m cleaning and reconfiguring my grow area as we speak so I’ll be checking in. Thanks for your help and time. Yeah some of the buds look like no seeds but some look full of them. Uggh. Hopefully at the end of the day I’ll have a spot to veg my tent to flower and another area for autos. My wife should be home by 5 so I gotta hustle. By the way it is raining at my house today would it help if I put my plants outside in the rain to help wash them off?

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Rain is probably perfect.

As far as testing for light leaks, you need 20-30 uninterrupted minutes. Sitting in your closed tent with grow lights out but the room lights all on, wait for 20 minutes without looking at screens. Listen to music or an audiobook. You’ll see any light leaks at that point. I like to use masking tape to mark the locations in the dark so I can properly patch them with the lights on.

@PharmerFred are you sure its seeds pods and not swollen calyxes? They tend to look sorta like a seed pod if you dont know what they are. I see people on here asking all the time. You said it was starting to flower… which is when the calyxes swell. Were pistils present?

So here we go. Totally reconfigured my whole area. My tent is light proof I have a small 28x32 area to veg and another 28x28 I’m going to just do autos in. I have one filter in the tent connected to the hps and heading out and another filter in my area for the veg and autos. I have fresh air in the tent and room via 6 inch fan I have split into two 4 inch hose temp stays 75 ish and 60% humidity in room and 40% in tent. Tent didn’t get over 80 today usually would get 83-85. I hope I’m good now. Only time will tell. And yes they’re definitely seeds. And I’m almost positive they were pollinated on the 31st when I was messing with that male plant I was screwing with it in the tent didn’t even think to take it out before I messed with it. And like I said that plant was a male autoflower the seed I got from a bag I got from the dispensary and apparently a lot of the growers in PA use autoflower plants wish I knew that prior. Thanks for your help and regardless I’m going to try some of those seeds out one day down the road and hope for the best. All I really can do. Oh and hit my bong. May have to pull the big boy out tonight

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Here’s some pics

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