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I have 3 seedlings (sour Diesel) that are 7days old in a 4x2 my question is I want to add them inside my 4x4 that has a better light inside is it to early to add them with the others who are 4weeks from sprout…by the way the 3 sour diesels are feminized & the other 2 plants in the 4x4 are Autos, the light inside the 4x4 is a 600r spec & the lighting in the 4x2 is two hlg100r

The 2-hlg 100’s will veg those plants just fine. You’ll want to flower them under the other lights though.


@BobbyDigital thanks! Can I ask you another question my friend, will the 2plants that are autos be effected once I add the 3 Fems & there 12/12 light schedule? The Autos have 65-75 seed to harvest time frame they are currently on week 4 so I’m hoping the autos will be almost done by the time the 12/12 schedule starts

You can grow an auto at 12/12. But i go at least 16 hrs of light with mine.

That will work just fine…

I veged my mother plant with my autos no problem, but i waited till harvest for the switch to 12/12. Because I could.
If you can’t
The auto will finish fine under 12/12, as it sounds you are joining them only in the final stage

Any autos I’ve ran I have run along side photos. With that 600 rspec you’ll have no issues hitting your plants DLI in 12 hrs

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