Rookie question..UseTiger Bloom with Big Bloom?

Curios about using these 2 together. Would I mix them together or separate? use them alternate days/waterings?
plants are outside in 5 gal buckets

These foxfarm nutrients are mixed together.

Yeah, you mix them together. Here’s a feeding chart. The flushing part I do is with regular water. 2 feeding say Saturday and Wednesday and then flush.

Thanks to all for the input. and the feeding chart!

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No, you NEVER “mix them together”.

Yes, you do add BOTH to your water. But do not mix these two nutrients together, meaning in a separate cup or bowl or something. Just add them into the water, ONE AT A TIME. It’s recommended to never “mix” nutrients.

Read the fox farms feeding schedule, it says to use the nutrients together. And not trying to sound rude or anything, I just don’t want someone mixing nutrients together, then adding it to your water. Each nutrient should be added to the water separately. It can cause problems.

So hell yea buddy, feed your girls! Just make sure you do it correctly. One at a time, but you can use as many nutrients as you’d like together.


Good post. I forgot to put that in my post.

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Thanks, for the clarification. I kind of got that jest from EearlyPearl’s reply. cant wait to see what happens with these girls. Learned a lot this time around. Next year bumper crop! LOL