Rookie mistakes with coco

I must admit, growing cannabis is a learning experience thru mistakes. Thought I’d try growing in coco and thought I was doing everything by the book but when my seeds sprouted and put on some true leaves they just sat there not doing anything, well that’s normal, all the growth is in the roots, so ok I thought a few days later maybe I should give them some nutes in small amounts after I seen a little yellowing so I dosed them with calmag and AB nutes st 200 ppm. Nothing seemed to change, if anything the yellowing got worse. So back to the books, did I flush yes, did I rinse yes, did i buffer in calmag yea but did I rinse down the EC after I buffered in calmag with 5.8 ph water, no. So back to the seedlings, flushed to check runoff and ppm’s out was 2040 and ph was 7.1. Oh the mistakes are the toughest lessons learned. Hopefully my seedling will bounce back.


Hope so too!